Mediterranean Getaway Instagram Roundup – What I Wore & What To Pack

livvyland-blog-mediterranean-cruise-what-to-wear-pack-instagram-roundupAs y’all know if you follow me on Instagram, Blake & I just got back from a 10 day Mediterranean getaway with Princess Cruises to Spain, France and Italy! And while I have been living in a wanderlust depression ever since we returned back home (…y’all, it was truly magical!), going through these photos makes my heart so happy because each and every day was absolutely incredible. Every setting was stunning, inspiring and super romantic – if you ever have the chance to tour the Mediterranean, 100% jump on it and prepare for the most amazing and beautiful experience! I have a ton of other photos and blog posts about our trip to come, but first I wanted to make sure you had the chance to shop everything I wore throughout our vacation! I did some serious shopping damage before our trip (hey, it’s not everyday I get to have Italy as a photo backdrop 😉 ) and I am so obsessed with all of these looks and excited to tell you more about each outfit..

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Exploring The Mediterranean – What To Wear

Hello there! Well… I have some very exciting news to share with you all!! Blake and I are headed on a Mediterranean getaway next week…and I am SO EXCITED! I am partnering with Princess Cruises to share our adventures as we fly from Austin to Barcelona and from there, board the ship and travel around the coast of Spain, France and Italy. Y’all…is this REAL LIFE?! I must admit, when I received the email from Princess Cruises I actually started crying tears of pure joy haha! GIANT goon over here, but it’s not everyday you get to partner with an incredible travel brand and bring your love along for the ride! Needless to say, I am so thrilled to relax, enjoy the view and soak in the gorgeous scenery as we travel around for 8 days! We depart late next week and we finally booked our flights yesterday soo… it’s. all. really. happening. AH!

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Silver Jeans Co. Spring ’16 Campaign Launch – Behind The Scenes!

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-silver-jeans-co-laguna-beach-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-denim-under-100-best-3-mustang-convertible-1968-baby-blue-muscle-car-pchSoo, in mid-November just a few months back, I had the absolute pleasure of working with an amazing company called Silver Jeans Co. (you’ve likely seen their adorable jeans and other denim goods at Macy’s or Dillard’s) and they flew me out Laguna Beach (where they have a U.S. office, but they’re headquartered in Canada) to be a part of their spring ’16 social media campaign. (Yes, definitely a major highlight of my blogger career!)…and it was a total whirlwind of non-stop video & photo shoots for 3 days straight (which you likely saw on Snapchat if you followed me then)…and I am SO excited to see all of this hard work come to life! My mom was my +1 for the trip and they treated her like gold, too…always a major win in my book when MamaWat gets the princess treatment! 😉 We actually celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday while we were in Laguna and got to treat ourselves to some fine dining and a glass of vino overlooking the water at sunset… aka, the whole experience was magical and such a wonderful trip overall! Side note: if you’re on the hunt for a low-key, stunning, beachfront place to visit, I highly recommend Laguna Beach…if I had a billion dollars (and could pack up my whole family with me) I would absolutely love to live there haha. Definitely a must-visit, in my opinion – it reminded me a lot of Santa Fe, NM with all of the art galleries and the “small city,” luxurious feel – but swap the mountains for the ocean. Needless to say, it’s a lovely and beautiful place.

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Chicago Weekend Getaway!

kayla-newman-elissa-castles-chicago-vacation-livvyland-blogIf you follow my Instagram account (@livvylandblog), you’d know I recently got back from a weekend getaway to Chicago to visit two of my very best friends from high school and into college (aka these goofy gals above!). Talk about a weekend of pure BLISS! Not even kidding when I tell you I cried at the airport as I left this duo, ha! Elissa is in the pink top, Kayla is in the backpack…these ladies = my heart. So much gf love it’s ridiculous. Both gals were theater majors at UT and have since spread their wings to NYC (Elissa lives there) and Chicago (where Kayla currently resides). Thus, as sad as I am that I don’t get to see them everyday in Austin, it is such a treat when we can meet up and even more fun to explore different cities together!

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