Our Master Bathroom Renovation Plans

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-mid-century-vintage-cozy-master-bathroom-renovation-idea-plan-product-collage-ikea-diy-bohemianHooray for another home decor project! Never a dull moment over here… home ownership means a¬†running list of updates, fixes, changes and renovations, and we are FINALLY making progress with our master bathroom plans! I’ve mentioned before how the previous owners of our 1980’s abode flipped the house and did a fabulous job – but of course, there are a number of things we’re excited to update to feel a little more “us.” The master bathroom has been at the top of my list for quite some time now and over the weekend we finally nailed down our plans and started purchasing products…it’s really happening, y’all! ūüėČ

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1 SUBWAY TILE / 2 SINK FAUCET / 3¬†SINK¬†/ 4 WALL SCONCE / 5 BUTCHER BLOCK / 6 VANITY (“high gloss white”) / 7 MIRROR / 8 PEG LEGS / 9 SHOWER / 10 RUG / 11 PLANTS

Design Crush: Rattan Chairs

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-lifestyle-bohemian-blogger-rattan-wicker-chairs-interior-decor-ideas-styling-4livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-lifestyle-bohemian-blogger-rattan-wicker-chairs-interior-decor-ideas-styling-2If there’s one home decor trend I am swooning over this year, it’s rattan furniture (for indoors!). I’ve been seeing interior design photos pop up on my Pinterest feed (…their algorithm is spot on, right?) and I feel like every home decor store is offering some sort of rattan or wicker indoor chair option. Blake and I are rearranging our bedroom and I love the idea of a reading nook with a rattan chair, cozy seat cushion and a soft¬†throw blanket. Rattan adds such an earthy, inviting vibe to a space and overall just feels so…cool.¬†My parents had a rattan swivel chair when I was a kiddo and we played on that thing ALL the time…it’s actually still around today and miraculously survived five children. Apparently it’s a very good investment, ha!

Image credits: 1 via Tara Moon (fellow Austinite with impeccable home decor!) | 2 via SF Girl By The Bay

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Shop rattan chairs: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Elements of A Cozy Home

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-elements-cozy-house-home-decor-bohemian-kimberlee-watson-art**Illustration by Kimberlee Watson

Blake and I moved into our first house back in April 2017 (more about that from this post) and I have learned SO much about home decor within that first year. For one, I learned the aesthetics I like and don’t like (I love a good, cozy vibe, I don’t looove super minimalist, modern pieces). I learned what Blake likes and doesn’t like (…I pick out what I think would work best for our style, then he approves. I’ve come to learn he’s less of a “french cottage”¬†style kinda guy (…then again, have you ever met one that is? Hey, a girl can dream over here haha!) and more of a “I can tolerate some bohemian elements here and there” kinda guy haha). I appreciate that he wants to participate in the outfitting of each room, but I’d be lying if I told you a lot of our arguments didn’t stem from my love for a more feminine style versus his resistance to let our house become a girly-haven-Anthropologie-catalog-type of home. Either way, we’ve made lots of progress over the past year, learned a LOT about the aesthetic we can both happily agree on and have had so much fun turning our first house into a beautiful, cozy space we can finally (proudly!) call our home.

As I dive deeper into updating rooms in the house, there are a few elements that seem to be consistent in creating that cozy, bungalow vibe we love so much. Home decor has been such an exciting new world for me this past year – we lived in apartments for three years prior to living here and I never cared too much about furniture, rugs, all the fun stuff until we moved into our house. Truth be told, entering the world of home decor and interiors has been such a welcomed escape for me from the fashion industry! Literally, when I walk into Home Goods it’s like all my worries wash away, ha! Anyhoo – I’m excited to share the components both Blake and I love with y’all…and likely you’ve got a few of these things lying around the house already, it’s simply how you pair them that makes the difference! Hope you enjoy…

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You Know You’re An Adult When…

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-lifestyle-blogger-dyson-v6-vacuum-ebay-7You know you‚Äôve become a true adult when the day comes that you‚Äôre excited‚Ķno wait‚Ķecstatic for a vacuum upgrade. When the box for our new Dyson arrived on our doorstep, you‚Äôd think I was a wild animal opening up that package‚Ķbut no, just a regular ‚Äėol girl who reaaaaally loves her cleaning gadgets! And the absolute best part? This fella was just over¬†$200 (reg. $499)!! I have never seen so many beautiful (‚Ķdare I describe a vacuum as such?) Dyson vacuums that are also SO affordable. And where oh where would you find such a deal? Look no further than eBay!

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A big thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own.

Design Crush: Brushed Gold Bathroom Fixtures

The thing about moving into house is that you see (and can’t unsee!) all the nooks and crannies you want to change. Though the previous owners of our 1983 abode flipped the inside and did a fabulous job, there are still little elements here and there that aren’t exactly our taste or that could use some improving. Namely: the master bathroom! (…we’re not going to talk about the hallway bathroom juuust yet…that one needs a LOT of work, ha!). Our master bath is absolutely beautiful, BUT the fixtures are definitely funky and not something Blake or I would have chosen on our own. The more we think about what’s next on our list of home updates, the more we both seem to agree that updating the hardware in our bathroom is a must. That said, I’ve been researching (aka spending too much time on Pinterest lately haha) brushed gold bathroom fixtures and wanted to share a few of my faves providing some major inspo!
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Our Patio Renovation Plans

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-home-decor-update-polygal-patio-ideas-sliding-patio-doors-floor-ceiling-glass-panelsNew year, new projects for our little abode and we are especially excited about this one! Living in Austin means spending lots of time outdoors…so creating an inviting patio space is number one on our renovation list in 2018 – just in time for spring.¬†Though the weather is freezing this week, Blake and I are daydreaming about warm, sunny days where we can leave the back doors wide open and Watson can run to and from the house…while we sip a cold beer and read a good book…can you tell we are SO ready for this?!

We have a wonderful contractor team making our dream patio renovation come to life (I’ll share more about who we are working with in the before/after reveal post) and it’s been so fun to scour Pinterest (and Google Images) to help visually explain the look we’re going for (…as seen above!). Our reno plans are moving along and it should all be completed in about a month…can’t wait to share more as we make some progress!

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Cold-Brew Holiday Drink

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-chameleon-cold-brew-hot-latte-eggnog-holiday-drink-recipe-5 ‘Tis the season¬†to stay in, cozy up on the couch and¬†add a little holiday cheer to your everyday coffee drink! Living in Austin means our winters can go from 30 to 80 degrees within days…which is why it’s nice to have a pack of Chameleon Cold-Brew Pods on hand. Brew your own cold-brew organic coffee (which is delicious and SO easy to do!), or heat the cold-brew and add in a little steamed milk (…and some eggnog, mmm) then¬†sprinkle a dash of cinnamon sugar over it and voila, you’ve just hit home barista status! ūüėČ

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Coffee Talk With Nespresso

nespresso-7 “Dear caffeine, please give me the strength to get through the day!” ūüėČ Anyone else feel like this is the go-to, half-asleep conversation with their espresso machine in the morning? As soon as I see those blinking lights and the capsule producing that smooth, perfect espresso shot, I know it’s aaaaall going to be okay! Alright, perhaps¬†I’m over-sharing when it comes to my love for coffee. But then again, coffee is not just a beverage to me, it’s a lifestyle that provides energy (gotta tackle those photo edits!), peace (it’s my favorite way to spend “me time”) and often a way to enjoy a catch-up sesh with friends or family at home. Without a doubt, sipping coffee is my favorite daily ritual.
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Before & After: Our Laundry Room Reveal!


A big thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

Eek, I am SO excited to finally share our laundry room reveal with you guys!! In September we had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with¬†The Home Depot¬†for a laundry room makeover and ohhh my heart, it could not have turned out more beautiful!! I’ve been sharing some sneak peeks on my Instagram and Insta Stories over the last couple of months, and today I’m giving y’all the full scoop, including before +¬†after photos and all the DIY details. That said, let’s get to it! ūüėČ

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A Cozy Weekend At Home

A very rainy weekend in Austin meant lots of lounge time…nothing like a few cloudy, rainy days to bring out the cozy vibes in our house. We put The Beatles on the record player, brewed a fresh pot of coffee and did our best to soak up staying in as opposed to braving the crazy weather outside.

Blake and I had a¬†trip planned for the weekend and even went to the airport for a few hours on Friday evening to catch our flight, but Hurricane Harvey had other plans in store. I’ve been following the news non-stop (I’ve got lots of family & friends in Houston) and it’s been such a devastating few days. Every time I check the news or social media, more tragic images pop up. Sending my thoughts and prayers to those affected by the storm, near and far!

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