Baby P Nursery Reveal

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-12livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-3Ohh my heart! …Bursting with all of the emotions as I write this post. This nursery has been a slow and steady project filled with thoughtful pieces from family and friends. Every corner has items with meaning or memories associated…from hand sewn blankets to books from Blake’s childhood and beautiful artwork created with our little guy in mind, this space is a true sanctuary in our house and provides so much joy already! I am 38 weeks today and lately it feels like we are just twiddling our thumbs over here, patiently awaiting his arrival. Until then, I’ll rock in that cozy glider and daydream about what big changes the next few weeks will bring…

I want to thank y’all for your shared excitement as we begin this new chapter! It’s been so fun to connect here and via social media with fellow mama-to-be’s and current moms throughout my pregnancy. I’ve had such great feedback as we’ve furnished the nursery and I’m thrilled to finally share it!! I’ll be linking as many details as possible at the end of this post, so stay tuned…

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-4^^My friend Ben had his coworker crochet that striped jumper…how darling is that?! He also got those wooden world monuments figures for me back in college – they fit so perfectly with the neutral aesthetic! Little world traveler in the making over here… 😉
livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-5^^Two of my closest friends Amanda and Emily (they also live in NYC) wrote and illustrated THE sweetest safari themed 3-page story about our little guy. Can’t wait to read this to him once he’s old enough…what a treasure!
livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-1livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-10livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-floating-bookshelflivvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-love-dua-woven-bassinetlivvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-animal-mobilelivvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-11livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-9^^If you follow me on Instagram, you likely saw my IG Story where I shared how my sister illustrated these beautiful watercolor animals to hang over the crib. I could not be more in love with how they turned out! Ps. I had so many requests to have her add them to her Etsy store, so now you can check them out here (yay!).
livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-8^^Not gonna lie, I definitely cried when I opened up this handmade blanket from my aunt! How stinkin’ perfect is this?! Love it so so much.
livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-animal-mobile-2livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-baby-boy-gender-neutral-safari-nursery-theme-tour-reveal-earth-tones-7When dreaming up the perfect nursery for us, I gravitated towards gender neutral earth tones. As I started brainstorming color combinations (thank you, Pinterest!) , the thought of safari animals popped into my head (they fit the color scheme, ha!) and it all unfolded from there. Clay, mustard, taupe, beige, sage green paired with natural wood…it all just worked so well together and felt cohesive and calm.

As y’all know, our house is mainly crisp white with pops of color here and there from furniture or rugs, but we haven’t dabbled too much in actually painting the walls (…well, apparently now we’re on a paint kick with our master bathroom and the nursery…more of that to come!). One day I was chatting with my mom about possibly painting the baby room and she was 100% on board to help (…my mother is the QUEEN of painting, our walls growing up never stayed the same color for more than a year! I remember having a pink kitchen at one point…which is pretty awesome looking back haha!). Thus, we ventured to Home Depot and after debating between olive green or sage, we settled on that pretty sage color (ps. I just went through all the paint cans in our garage and we don’t have this one…! If we make it back to HD soon, I’ll edit this post and share the exact color!). Special shoutout to my mom for painting the nursery…she was SUCH a huge help with this project and made the entire process so special and fun!

As for furniture, I wanted to keep things reasonably priced but of course look clean and put together! I did my best to repurpose items we already had lying around the house, so that helped a ton, too. I pulled the white bookcase from my home office (from West Elm years back – they currently have the natural wood version available) and went to Home Goods for those woven baskets (had to go to two locations to find four that matched…but hey, that’s bargain hunting for ya!). That beige/white pouf paired with the glider also used to be in my home office. If you’ve followed me for a while, you may have noticed we used one of our old bedside table lamps (…which was collecting dust in the garage!) to rest on the side table next to the glider. I have always loved that terrarium lamp and was so excited to restyle it in this space!

One of my favorite parts of the room are the bookshelves. Y’all…these are just $13 from IKEA. You could easily paint them if you wanted, as well. LOVE how perfectly they display the books and seriously, you can’t beat that price.

Another treasure in the room is that handmade safari animal mobile hanging above the crib. Ohh my goodness is that not beautiful?! While perusing mobiles on Etsy, I stumbled upon a woman’s shop in Ukraine where she makes needle felted handmade mobiles (they are truly works of art!). I ordered this back in early November and it didn’t arrive until mid-January (it took a full month to arrive after she had shipped it), so just something to note if you’re interested in scooping one up. I hope Baby P is as mesmerized by it as I am!

Lastly, that beautiful woven moses bassinet is from Design Dua. A sweet follower on Instagram messaged me after she ordered one and thought I’d love the style, too – and she was spot on…this thing is gorgeous!!

I think that covers all the sentimental stuff haha 😉 , linking full details for the rest below! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Thanks so much for your continued support and for stopping by to read this one, it’s near & dear to me! XO

crib – WAYFAIR / rug – WAYFAIR / rocking chair – OVERSTOCK / side table – WORLD MARKET / lamp – WORLD MARKET / bookshelves – IKEA / curtain rod – TARGET / diaper changing pad – KEEKAROO / moses woven bassinet – DESIGN DUA / crib sheet – SPEARMINT BABY / swaddle blankets – SPEARMINT BABY / mobile – ETSY / natural wood frames – TARGET / safari illustrations (set of 4 or individual) – ETSY / accordion hanger – AMAZON


  • Kacie says:

    OMG Olivia the nursery is PERFECT. Seriously in love. Can I just hire you to redecorate my whole apartment please?! Can’t wait for Baby P! *secretly hoping we’ll have the same bday— Feb 11 🙂

    Xo, Kacie |

    • livvy says:

      Thank you so much, Kacie!!! Lolz! You’re too funny…honestly interior decor would be SO FUN. And I’ll tell the little guy to hold off a couple more weeks so hopefully y’all can share a birthday! 😉 “Just keep cookin’ in there!”

  • Kaily Sieck says:

    This is just darling! Love the jumper outfit!

  • Jill says:

    Such a perfect labor of love for your little man! Congratulations, Printy fam! 🙂

  • Amber Barksdale says:

    Where is the pillow from? And the rainbow picture? I need both lol! Congrats, a few weeks behind you. Love the nursery!

    • livvy says:

      Hey Amber! Thanks for the kind words! The pillow is from Urban Outfitters (I got it over a year ago when this space was the guest room…just repurposed it for the nursery!), and the rainbow print is by Tess Guinery ( – she has so many beautiful rainbow prints in her shop!! xoxo

  • Chelsea says:

    This nursery is adorable! You did a phenomenal job 🙂 Love it! Can you tell me where you got the frames for the safari animals? It’s exactly what I’m looking for, for our little ones nursery

  • Sara says:

    Love it! What color of Keekaroo did you get? Only a short time until you meet your little guy!

  • Dora says:

    Hi, did you ever find out what color it was that you did for the walls? Really like the color. And looking for something just like it!

  • Nat Schoemaker says:

    Do you remember where you got that beige/white pouf? It is drool worthy!

    • livvy says:

      Aw thank you, Nat! It’s from West Elm a few years back. I tried to repurpose as much as I could for this room. Not sure if the exact one is still available, but I know they’ve got great pouf options! xo

  • Britni says:

    Hi Livvy,
    This room is swoon worthy! I really like the rocker but when I click on it it brings up a gray one. Please help me find the one you purchased!

    • livvy says:

      Hey Britni! Aww, thank you!! Hmm…they used to have the cream option, but I can’t find it on their site either anymore! They must have sold out or discontinued perhaps…so sorry! I know Target had a similar style when I was shopping around for a mid-century rocking chair, you may give them a try!

  • Bethany says:

    Love everything about this nursery! What color did you use on the walls??

  • Laura says:

    Love everything about this room! Where did you get the felt banner?

    • livvy says:

      Thank you, Laura! I made the banner myself. 🙂 Went to Michael’s and bought the felt + rope. Super easy crafting! I used a hot glue gun to piece it together.

  • Hilary says:

    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I’m finding it is a bit overwhelming to design a nursery as a first time mom! I have a few follow-up questions now that you’ve been using your nursery for a while (so sorry if you already posted about this and I missed it)! How is your Babyletto crib holding up? The glider is gorgeous, was it also comfortable and practical? I love the look of using a bookcase for a changing table. Is it comfortable, not too low? Thank you!!!

    • livvy says:

      Hey Hilary! Oh girl, I totally understand…it’s SO overwhelming! To answer your questions (and please, ask away!), the crib has been awesome!! It was great while Jude slept in the crib after the bassinet (we moved him to the crib around 3mo but kept it in our room next to the bed), but since he was 5mo he’s slept with us in our bed. Thus, the crib became more of a safe place to put him while I brushed my teeth, folded laundry, etc. We lowered the mattress and it was a great spot to keep him busy for at least 10 minutes (while we chugged our morning coffee ha!)…until he learned to climb about a month and a half ago, ha! Thus, it’s since been moved back into his nursery and hasn’t been used since. We do want more kiddos so we’ll continue to use it eventually. 🙂

      As for the rocking chair…going to have to say NO to this one! It’s pretty, yes, but we actually ended up buying a super ugly but SO COMFORTABLE rocking chair that we’ve used 1000x more than the one in our nursery. Honestly, buy what is comfortable because you spend a lot of time here! The one we have in our nursery ended up feeling quite hard after sitting in it for hours on end. This is our ugly but amazing one (it wasn’t cheap but we LOVE it!):

      Lastly, we LOVED the changing table…we moved it into our room and would just keep it at the foot of the bed and use as needed. Truth be told, I never changed him in his nursery…!

      As you can probably gather, our nursery has gotten ZERO practical use now that Jude is actually here haha. It’s basically become a second playroom + storage space for us…I didn’t realize how much I’d want him to be in our bedroom but after having him, of course everything was different than planned! Looking back, the nursery was basically a way to nest and get excited + prepped for baby, but in reality, we didn’t end up using it as we thought. 🙂

      Anyhoo – hope all that info helps!! Congrats on your sweet little one!! <3

  • David Stuart says:

    Hey Olivia,
    I must say, the nursery looks absolutely beautiful and great, the chair looks very comfortable, can you share where you got it from, I found a similar one on but not sure if this is the one or not, the color is a bit different.

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