Our ILVE Majestic II Range

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Introducing the statement piece of our kitchen…our
ILVE Majestic II Range in Antique White with brass knobs + handle. It is truly DREAMY! I’ve been following ILVE on Instagram for ages and have always swooned over every image that crossed my feed. Their ranges are beautiful, functional pieces of art in your kitchen. I think every single person we’ve had over lately has stopped to touch this range and say “Oh my goodness, OLIVIA!” It is a showstopper and really ties in that french provincial feel I wanted to create here. Sharing all the details in this post!

livvyland-blog-ilve-majestic-freestanding-electric-induction-30-inch-range-old-world-convection-oven-6 livvyland-blog-ilve-majestic-freestanding-electric-induction-30-inch-range-old-world-convection-oven-5 livvyland-blog-ilve-majestic-freestanding-electric-induction-30-inch-range-old-world-convection-oven-1If you saw my before/after video (or this blog post if you’re not on IG), you know we created the nook for the range. Our old kitchen had a double oven on the wall with a cooktop stove built into a counter near the dining area. Next to the double oven was a built-in pantry that was not an efficient use of space – inside was a huge pull-out spice rack that basically took up the majority of it, which was not ideal. Thus, in starting from scratch we were able to create an elevated range nook that gave us more space to move around the kitchen (because we removed the L-shape countertop where the stove was). It also gave us extra cabinets for storage, more countertop space, a built-in spice niche, and of course, it all centered around the gorgeous ILVE range. 

Given that we created the nook but were restricted by a support beam on one side, we were looking for a 30” range. We also don’t have a gas line in our neighborhood, so it had to be electric/induction. Low and behold, ILVE makes electric ranges in so many sizes and colors…I took it as a sign that we NEEDED this range. 😉 We ordered the ILVE Majestic II 30” Electric Freestanding Range.

ILVE ranges are handcrafted from Italy – they look and feel it, too! They instantly add a luxurious feel to your space, and I love how you can customize colors to fit your style. Brass, copper, chrome or bronze hardware and an array of range colors from neutrals to deep kelly green, ILVE makes something for every style kitchen. 

Another awesome feature that has come in handy is the simple lock screen…so you can rest assured your oven isn’t being turned on with all the kiddos running in circles around it, ha! The induction cooktop is also so lovely and cooks beautifully! Blake and I have been so impressed with how amazing our range cooks. 

The biggest thank you to ILVE for partnering with me AND for their extreme patience as we inched our way to the finish line. It was SO worth the wait!! Can’t recommend ILVE enough if you’re updating your kitchen, truly the best!

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