Weekly Chat: Instagram DM Frequently Asked Questions

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-family-living-room-record-player-stylingHey ladies! Hope you’re having a great week…we are SO close to the weekend, hooray! I know it’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write a Weekly Chat post, but now that I’m settled back home for the month of October, I’m excited to publish more personal posts again…starting with some of the most asked questions I receive via Instagram DM. From home decor to travel, and fashion to when we’re getting a dog (soon, we hope!)…let’s get to it!

Ps. I LOVE hearing from you guys! Please always feel free to DM me on the ‘gram with your questions or comment on my posts here. 🙂

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Weekly Chat: Life Update & Sharing Some Travel News!

Hello there! How’s your week going? I’m beyond elated to take a break from blog life and do a little traveling with my best friends this week. Things in my world have been a lot more hectic than I’ve shared recently…so stepping away from responsibility and my inbox is a very welcomed (and necessary) break! I thought that “working for myself” would allow for a lot more vacation days than a 9-5, but in fact, recently it’s been the opposite. When you’re your own boss, it’s that much harder to turn it off…and that much more challenging not to feel guilty when you do.

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Weekly Chat: How To Start A Blog (In 9 Simple Steps)

how-to-start-a-blog-in-9-simple-steps-1Alrighty gals! This post has been a long time coming and I received so many awesome questions from y’all over the past week – excited to get down to the nitty gritty and share how to start a blog!

I am very fortunate to have Blake as my web developer and site designer (thanks my darlin’!), so I asked him to provide some feedback on a few bullet points that will help get you started in everything from buying a domain name to figuring out the aesthetic and layout you want your blog to have. As always, if you have any further lingering questions, please comment below!

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Weekly Chat: 3 Mistakes I’ve Made as a Blogger (And What I Learned Along The Way)

forget-the-mistake-remember-the-lessonHello there! First off, my apologies for the delay in getting up my Weekly Chat posts these last couple of weeks – it has been tough to make time to really sit down and write something more heartfelt lately. I feel like I can bump out outfit posts quite fast, but these Weekly Chats take some deeper thought and deserve my undivided attention. Thus, during hectic weeks when our house is upside down and the to-do list in my agenda is overflowing, stepping out to a coffeehouse for a little “me time” and some writing therapy seems to be an impossible (or rather, anxiety-filled) task. However, I did title these entries “weekly” chats for a reason…and I promise I am doing the very best I can to get one up every week! They’re my favorite posts to write, I just don’t want to give 50% and hit publish for the sake of getting a post up…I’d rather hold back until I can really commit and produce something I’m proud of and post about a topic that my readers will learn from or appreciate in some way.

When thinking about what blogging knowledge I have that could potentially help someone starting out or even in the thick of the industry, the thing that came to mind was to share a few learning experiences I’ve had as a blogger. Today is actually my three-year blog-iversary (wow, so crazy how time flies!), and after reflecting on how wonderful (and tumultuous at times) this “journey” (gah, The Bachelor terminology is really rubbing off on me…) has been, I thought of a few mistakes (…er, “learning experiences”) to share that will hopefully keep you from running into similar instances and give you some fresh food for thought!

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A Peek At Our New House!

Hello friends! I am pretty darn excited to share a little peek into our new home today! These are all iPhone snaps…and yes, I definitely took these with the intention of sending them to mom and not posting on my blog haha. Buuut after so much wonderful feedback on my Instagram Stories last night (I did a mini-before/after progress report), I figured it would be super fun to document our house little by little. I’ll be posting full room reveals as we get things together (lots of fun ideas!), so stay tuned for those over the next few months (…err, year? No pressure, right?! 😉 ).

Disclaimer: we are still living in a state of empty boxes (like…everywhere, ah!), piles of things to put away (…that’s what the weekend is for, right?) and of course, lots of open space that will be filled in time (I know, I know, those bookshelves above are lookin’ scarce!). All that said – we are having SO much fun settling in and it still feels surreal that this precious house is our very own. Blake and I are so grateful to have found this gem and even though not a single room is complete at the moment, we still sit in bed with coffee each morning and look around in awe. Needless to say, we are loving every second in our new space! Sooo….without further adieu, here we go!

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Weekly Chat: 10 Frequently Asked Travel Questions

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-greece-honeymoon-oia-santorini-athens-travel-diary-guide-luggage-passportHappy Friday, ladies! We just pulled into Tallinn, Estonia (omg SO COOL! Still geeking out at every stop!) and while Blake and I sip our coffee before heading out to explore, I wanted to get in a blog post and answer a few questions I’ve received while on this trip! I am LOVING that y’all are so awesome about sending along travel suggestions/questions while we’re in Scandinavia – and I wanted to be prompt and get this post up while it’s all still fresh (and current) on my mind! From the best sneakers, to my favorite countries (thus, far!) and even quick tips for flying long distances…hope you’ll enjoy this one!

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Weekly Chat: What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

When I was 10-years-old, my grand life plan was to be a professional ballerina AND an OBGYN…(because clearly those two careers goes hand-in-hand). I’ve always loved kids (hence the helping birth babies thing…I just failed to understand what that actually entailed) and who doesn’t watch ballerinas in awe and adoration? Over time, I learned I had a passion for writing and said so long to my previous life plans. I was about 13 when I changed my mind and was stuck on the idea of becoming a fashion magazine writer.read more

Weekly Chat: We Bought A House!

Our big secret is finally out: we bought a house!!! Ah! We are all moved in and I can OFFICIALLY share the wonderful news!! We know the home buying process can get tricky, so I wanted to wait until it was 100% ours before I shared the news on my blog. We are beyond elated and so happy to be in the home of our dreams!

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Weekly Chat: 3 Steps To Build Your Brand

good-things-take-time-4A question I receive often from readers and new bloggers is: how do you build your brand? It’s a question that comes with a loaded response (…and time, of course), but I feel there are a few key components that are the building blocks to creating a brand that speaks to a sense of style, written voice, and photo aesthetic that is authentic to you.

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