Tiny Moments of Happiness

Artwork by Kimberlee.

As we enter the thick of January, I am holding my “word to live by in 2018” close to my heart – b a l a n c e. Which means focusing on the good in life and keeping my cool and taking deep breaths when I begin to feel overwhelmed. I’ve realized that there are SO many small moments of joy that take place throughout the day and it’s easy to take them for granted. But you know what? Those tiny moments of happiness sure do add up and bring a big smile to my face when I think about them.

I love how artwork can share an unspoken message, so my sister and LL contributor Kimberlee illustrated a few of our most beloved happy instances. From “me time” to motherhood (ohh that special bond between mother and child!) and something as simple as scoring a front row parking spot, here are a few of our favorites…
livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-kimberlee-artworks-illustration-happy-moments-drawing-watercolor-21. Delirious laughter with friends: belly laughing is the best medicine!
2. A hug from your mom: perhaps the cure to anything…
3. Being near the ocean: the sound of waves washes all our troubles away.
4. Getting a front-row parking spot: sign of a good day to come!
5. That first sip of wine in a bubble bath: pure relaxation.
6. Reading a book in bed: no to-do list, no noise, just you enveloped in a story…a beautiful, brief escape from reality.

What are some of your favorite tiny moments of happiness? Would love to know – feel free to comment below! Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! XO


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