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10 Wedding Registry Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Happy Friday, friends! Last week I shared our amazing espresso maker on my Instagram Story and had SO many questions about it! It’s definitely the wedding gift of ours that gets the most use (…and the one we least expected to receive…it was quite the pleasant surprise, one of those “lets just add this and in our dreams maaaaybe someone will splurge on it…” and then it showed up on our doorstep and we both opened the box in awe and did a major happy dance, ha!). Thus, given my love for all things coffee (…and I know a lot of my readers are coffee folks, too), I’m am thrilled to partner with Macy’s and share my top 10 coffee accessories to add to your wedding registry (…or perhaps scoop up for yourself “just because” … ūüėČ ). From wonderful mugs that keep your drinks hot (a big pet peeve of mine when it comes to mugs), to coffee makers, espresso spoons and more – I’ve got you covered.

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1. Cuisinart 10-Cup Grind & Brew Coffee Maker / 2. Thirstystone Striped Marble Coaster Set of 4 3. Noritake Coffee Mugs / 4. Bodum Walled Espresso Mugs / 5. Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker / 6. Kate Spade Hot Beverage Carafe / 7. Yamazaki Espresso Spoons (set of 6) / 8. Chambord French Press / 9. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker / 10. Smeg Kettle

A big thank you to Macy’s for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

Striped Dress & OTK Boots

Y’all know me, I can’t so no to stripes! Truly…it’s my very favorite print – so happy, yet classic and timeless. With spring in full bloom here in Austin, the warmer weather has me reaching for breezy dresses and light layers. This darling dress will be a closet staple year round (pair with espadrille sandals and a cute straw hat for summer) and I am especially loving it with OTK boots (…psst..if you don’t yet have a tan, OTK boots make for¬†an excellent pairing with dresses, ha!) …and of course layered with my favorite utility more

dress Рc.o. URBAN OUTFITTERS / shoes Рsimilar SOLE SOCIETY / jacket Рc.o. MADEWELL / watch Рc.o. CLUSE / sunglasses РCELINE similar LE SPECS

Weekly Chat: Conquering Your Fears

Professionally speaking, what’s your biggest fear? We all have that one thing that gives us major butterflies, sweaty palms and perhaps even makes us feel a little queasy. For me, it’s without a doubt public speaking. If you knew me 10 years ago, I was acting in every high school play and happily strolling up to the front of the class to speak to the room. These days, I find myself content to hide behind my¬†computer screen. So, where did my¬†outgoing self go? Between leaving the stage behind (now I much prefer to be in the audience) and working under a terrifying boss that scared me silly to speak up during my first job out of college (…story for another day…), I can pinpoint the source of the fear, but that doesn’t make it any easier to build myself back up and overcome it. However, when Create & Cultivate reached out months ago to speak on a panel about social media and blogging for SXSW, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. It was time to work hard, conquer my fears and really regain my confidence back!

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Nike Tank & Leggings

Hello gals, how’s your weekend going? Life has been kind of crazy in my world recently, I can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to…I’ll be spilling all the details in mid-April, so stay tuned!! That said, my schedule has been pretty insane with some¬†added stress thrust our way over the past week and a half (fear not! It’s great¬†news, just a LOT to do in the next month in preparation!) – thus, I want to apologize for my delay in getting those Weekly Chats up and sharing more spring content! Just¬†when I felt like I was finally getting into a rhythm/routine with my blog schedule, the universe had another plan in store! Felt I should let y’all know in case you’ve noticed a lag in my post time.

On that same note, one of my personal goals for 2017 was to “not stress out” so much so that I would stress myself to tears. I am proud to say I made it a whole two months without a stress-induced “cry-fest” happening (…and if you’ve followed along with me for a while, you’ll know that’s a big deal!), but after the big thing above took place in the midst of all the SXSW craziness, my body/emotions were done and you guessed it – sweatpants, my bed and a box of Kleenex won that battle. Ever since, I’ve been really working hard to pull myself together and do something that gets me out of my own head each day. The answer? Spend an hour outside each day on a run or walk.
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tank РNIKE via Urban Outfitters / leggings РNIKE via Urban Outfitters / shoes РNIKE / sports bra РZELLA

Tie-Front Top

Ohh spring, how I love you so. This week has been pretty incredible when it comes to Austin weather, and I’ve forced myself to get outside everyday and take full advantage! I am going on day 4 of my “Olivia, step away from your computer and do something outdoors” daily mission, and truth be told, it’s been heavenly. There’s just nothing quite like Vitamin D, comfy sneakers and a phone call with my¬†sister/mom/friend to get all the happy feels going in my mind and body. Going to do my best to keep up this positive¬†form of daily activity…I can already tell it’s making a big difference!

On the subject of getting outside…South Congress Avenue is one of Austin’s most beloved streets (…you’ll notice all the folks snapping pics with the wall mural on the right), and it’s one of my absolute favorite places to stroll, grab coffee or cocktails, and window shop. Austin is such a relaxed city, so rocking some distressed denim with a darling little tie-front top is a definite do.

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top – ASTR / jeans – LEVIS / shoes – STEVE MADDEN / handbag – BANANA REPUBLIC (on sale!) / sunglasses – CELINE, similar LE SPECS

Festival Ready

Happy Monday, friends! Phewwww WHAT a week last week was, ha! Let’s just say I probably napped for like 30 hours straight this weekend. Needless to say, I had a total blast at the festival moseying from event to event with my bestie, Elissa (my extremely hilarious, adorable blondie babe in all my Insta Stories last week – we’ve been bff’s since high school!), and it all started with the CLIF Bar Bash hosted at Blackheart on Rainey Street…and it couldn’t have been a better start to the week!

Before I share more about this look/the shindig, I must give a shoutout to my photographer Brandon Hill for being a TOTAL rockstar and braving the festival madness to come shoot this look…you are AWESOME & very much appreciated!!

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romper – c.o.URBAN OUTFITTERS / handbag – c.o. FRYE / shoes – c.o. FRYE / hat – c.o. MADEWELL / sunglasses – CELINE, similar LE SPECS / turquoise necklace – ZOE CHICCO

A big thank you to CLIF Bar for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

Fresh Kicks

Happy almost-Friday, gals! Hope your week is going great and you’ve got something fun (…or relaxing) lined up for the weekend. I’m still in full blown SXSW mode over here, so come Sunday, it’s all over and I can assure you that I will not get out of my pajamas for at least one full day, ha! Until then, time to order another drink and rally…y’all…I am going on day 6 of this festival¬†and somehow have had the energy to get out into the madness everyday. One of my best friends is my plus one to all the events this week (Elissa, you’ve seen her act hilarious on my Insta story, I’m sure!), so she definitely encourages the little party person in me to come out…and it has been SO fun! Feeling kind of proud that¬†I have kept up this momentum, I am normally SUCH a granny!

In other news, can we talk about these adorable sneakers?! I am seriously OBSESSED.
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white sneakers – GREATS / pink sneakers – GREATS / skirt – TOPSHOP¬†(sold out, linking to similar) / handbag – FRYE / tee shirt – MADEWELL / sunglasses –¬†similar NORDSTROM

A big thank you to Greats for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

Striped Tee

Hey gals! How’s your week going? Mine has been non-stop but so good! Feeling thankful that SXSW is in my hometown, which has allowed me to drive right on downtown each day to soak in all the festival goodness, meet for coffee dates and the best part – get to know¬†some wonderful LL readers!! I have so much to share about the Create & Cultivate panel (…more on that for this weeks Weekly Chat post), but in a nutshell, it went great and I have been on Cloud 9 ever since – such a rush of energy and adrenaline to be surrounded by strong, empowering women! Still pinching myself that I got to be a part of it all. Special thank you to everyone who came out, said hello and braved the cold to hang out for a day of panels/sessions!

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striped tee – MADEWELL / jeans – DL1961 / belt – MADEWELL / shoes – similar NORDSTROM / bag – MADEWELL / bandana – BP / sunglasses – CELINE¬†(wearing the ‘baby marta’)

Leopard Lace-Up Block Heels

That moment when you step outside of your “shoe comfort zone” and go for the leopard print over cognac…(omg, this is a big moment for me, ha!). Not going to lie, I even texted a few of my friends juuust to make sure leopard wasn’t “too crazy” for my wardrobe. Call me ridiculous (yes, I’m aware), but hey, the consensus was 100% “Olivia, you NEED these leopard shoes!”
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top Рc.o. MADEWELL / jeans Рc.o. URBAN OUTFITTERS / belt РMADEWELL / shoes Рc.o. SEZANE / handbag Рc.o. SEZANE / sunglasses РCELINE

SXSW Ready!

A couple of things: 1. SXSW shindigs start tomorrow (omg I am so excited, it’s basically like this city shuts down for a full week!) which means I should probably start getting my outfits prepped and ready…always delayed, always a hot mess, per usual! and 2. drinks will be flowing, the sun will be shining, socializing will be in full swing, music will be blasting and I will most definitely need fuel throughout the week! That said, I’m soooo excited to partner with CLIF Bar for the fest and hit up their awesome CLIF Bar Bash at The Blackheart on Rainy Street (open to the public, come join me March 14th & 15th¬†from 11:30am-6pm!! RSVP HERE. Or! Come hang at the Southwest Invasion rooftop of Whole Foods downtown from March 16th-18th…Hanson is performing, soooo you should probably join me and make all your 90s dreams come true.. ūüėČ ) and snack on some seeeeriously delicious Nut Butter Bars (for realz, these are kinda crazy yummy) and have a grand ‘ol time!

SXSW always feels like a beautiful, random vacation week smack in the middle of March…the energy in Austin is buzzing and everyone just seems so happy and open to talking to each other, it’s a time of year I always look forward to. I feel like Austinites either dive right into the madness, or hit the outskirts and get far away haha. Alas, you’ll find me right in the midst of all the crazy goodness! ūüėČ

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top – MADEWELL (wearing size small) / jeans – TOPSHOP (order up, they run small)¬†/ shoes – SEYCHELLES (40% off) / handbag – BRAHMIN (from their new collection, eek! Isn’t it gorgeous?!) / bandana – BP (new fave accessory!) / sunglasses – CELINE

Thank you CLIF Bar for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.