10 Wedding Registry Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Happy Friday, friends! Last week I shared our amazing espresso maker on my Instagram Story and had SO many questions about it! It’s definitely the wedding gift of ours that gets the most use (…and the one we least expected to receive…it was quite the pleasant surprise, one of those “lets just add this and in our dreams maaaaybe someone will splurge on it…” and then it showed up on our doorstep and we both opened the box in awe and did a major happy dance, ha!). Thus, given my love for all things coffee (…and I know a lot of my readers are coffee folks, too), I’m am thrilled to partner with Macy’s and share my top 10 coffee accessories to add to your wedding registry (…or perhaps scoop up for yourself “just because” … ūüėČ ). From wonderful mugs that keep your drinks hot (a big pet peeve of mine when it comes to mugs), to coffee makers, espresso spoons and more – I’ve got you covered.

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Blake and I registered online with Macy’s and it was a fun and seamless experience for us. I remember amongst all the wedding planning craziness (truth be told I am not sure how I was even a functioning human during that time…SO much to do!), we stopped for a moment to brew some¬†coffee and cuddle up in bed with my laptop as we created our registry…it was a nice break from life and so fun to pick out items that would become a part of our new daily routine, post-wedding. (For example, I now brew coffee in the morning, then make an iced latte in the afternoon – something I didn’t do before we received such awesome gifts!).¬†We also loved that Macy’s makes it super simple for guests to find our registry and scoop up items. Win/win for the engaged couple and their guests!

Sharing some details my top 10 picks above:

1. Cuisinart 10-Cup Grind & Brew Coffee Maker: One of the best kitchen brands around, we are in LOVE with this coffee maker! My parents have had this one for years, so I knew it had to be good (…they are more coffee obsessed than I am…!). I’m a big fan of stainless steal because it keeps coffee hot for a long time, thus, you can come back for a re-fill without having to microwave it!

2. Thirstystone Striped Marble Coaster Set of 4: I mean….marble AND stripes? This one is a no brainer! ūüėČ

3. Noritake Coffee Mugs: As I mentioned above, I am pretty particular about my coffee mugs – if they don’t keep heat well, then I get rid of them. These have been amazing and are that perfect minimalist design we love so much when it comes to home goods.

4. Bodum Walled Espresso Mugs: After we got our espresso machine, we decided to scoop up a few accessories on our own. Having adorable espresso mugs is a total MUST if you make espresso! They’re practical and so fun to entertain with when you have guests over. We love them!

5. Breville Barista Express Espresso¬†Maker: Alrighty, sooo this is THE best thing that has ever happened to us (…ya know, aside from getting married and all… ūüėČ ). Yes, it’s pricey, but OMG the espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, etc. you can make with it are SO worth it and seriously DELICIOUS. Everything we make tastes like it’s from a really yummy coffee shop. Not to mention, making coffee beverages at home means saving money in the long run by nixing those coffeehouse runs (…which I used to be notorious for before we got this). I honestly can’t recommend this thing enough – it is incredible!

6. Kate Spade¬†Hot Beverage Carafe: Perhaps a frivolous purchase, but if you’re a hostess at heart, Kate Spade brings the cuteness overload every time. This wasn’t available when we registered, but I actually plan to get this for my mom because she always has big¬†family breakfasts planned each month…it’s so perfect for entertaining!

7. Yamazaki Espresso Spoons (set of 6): Once again, if you’re going to splurge on an espresso maker, might as well go all the way with espresso mugs aaaand the cutest little spoons.

8. Chambord French Press: My dad loves french press coffee, so I’ve grown up drinking it from time to time. Always fun to have a french press lying around in case you want a bolder cup or perhaps have a camping trip lined up (…that’s really when I use this thing!).

9. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker: When I worked for Caffe Medici years back in Austin, pour over coffee was the “it thing” at the time. The flavor is light¬†and delicious, definitely a different taste than your typical machine brew.

10. Smeg Kettle: Here’s the thing, if we can’t get a Smeg refrigerator (…trust me, I have tried to figure out why we need one, ha!), then I am happy to settle for the smaller Smeg kitchen goods, like this tea kettle. I am obsessed with the retro designs and adore this eggshell white color.

^^Noritake coffee mugs in the ‘slate’ color, with our Cuisinart coffee maker (also has a grinder!).

Learn more about Macy’s Wedding Registry offers here! Congrats to all of my engaged readers out there, enjoy this special time and have a blast with your registry! XOXO

1. Cuisinart 10-Cup Grind & Brew Coffee Maker / 2. Thirstystone Striped Marble Coaster Set of 4 3. Noritake Coffee Mugs / 4. Bodum Walled Espresso Mugs / 5. Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker / 6. Kate Spade Hot Beverage Carafe / 7. Yamazaki Espresso Spoons (set of 6) / 8. Chambord French Press / 9. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker / 10. Smeg Kettle

A big thank you to Macy’s for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.


  • Brooke says:

    Can I buy all of this for myself if I’m not getting married, lolol?!

    Cute post as always, Olivia!!


    • livvy says:

      Haha! Seriously… after staring at all the Macy’s goodness to make this post, I literally just spent like half my bank account on more kitchen stuff.. (ps. the new Martha Stewart collection is BLUSH PINK! Poor Blake, haha!). Soooo yes, you can absolutely just buy yourself kitchen stuff and not register haha!

  • Lex says:

    Yeah also not getting married but really just want to “register” for that espresso maker so someone will buy it for me haha.


    • livvy says:

      Haha!! I know how it goes.. the good news? I just found out it’s on sale for a few hundred off, not too shabby! (…would be a little less shabby if someone else purchased for you, however.. haha I totally get it!).

      Hope you have a great weekend, girly!! XO

  • Aliya Goyal says:

    My friend is a coffee lover, and I know he is going to be thrilled to put some of these products into his wedding gift registry.

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