Nike Tank & Leggings

Hello gals, how’s your weekend going? Life has been kind of crazy in my world recently, I can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to…I’ll be spilling all the details in mid-April, so stay tuned!! That said, my schedule has been pretty insane with some added stress thrust our way over the past week and a half (fear not! It’s great news, just a LOT to do in the next month in preparation!) – thus, I want to apologize for my delay in getting those Weekly Chats up and sharing more spring content! Just when I felt like I was finally getting into a rhythm/routine with my blog schedule, the universe had another plan in store! Felt I should let y’all know in case you’ve noticed a lag in my post time.

On that same note, one of my personal goals for 2017 was to “not stress out” so much so that I would stress myself to tears. I am proud to say I made it a whole two months without a stress-induced “cry-fest” happening (…and if you’ve followed along with me for a while, you’ll know that’s a big deal!), but after the big thing above took place in the midst of all the SXSW craziness, my body/emotions were done and you guessed it – sweatpants, my bed and a box of Kleenex won that battle. Ever since, I’ve been really working hard to pull myself together and do something that gets me out of my own head each day. The answer? Spend an hour outside each day on a run or walk.

I’m sure I’ve touched on this before, but back in high school and college, I used to run 4-6 miles daily. My dad is a big runner (he’s 64 and just ran a half marathon! Go Papa Watson, go!), so we used to run together in high school. He has definitely always inspired me to keep pushing myself physically! Once I got into the workforce, my passion (…err, and time) for running dwindled, and basically came to a halt when I was working full time and running my blog on the side (…all I had time for back then was a stroll to the coffee maker and back to my desk, ha!). Sure I’d go for a run once over the weekend or so, but there wasn’t structure or an end goal in mind…it was simply to make sure I still had it in me!

Thus, in the midst of figuring out my current blog schedule and daily routine, I decided it was REALLY time to start making exercise a priority again – for my body, mind and stress level. I’ll admit, I have ZERO endurance at the moment (no really, it’s bad haha!) – so I don’t expect to be able to run 6 miles after two years of pushing running to the wayside. But you’ve got to start somewhere, and I have a good feeling that if I keep pushing myself, I’ll be back at that same fitness and endurance level within months. (…How’s that for accountability? Going to keep to my word and report back a few months from now that I can run again, ha!).

Aaaand there’s my current fitness/stress saga! My big ‘ol cheesy smile in these photos is definitely real, but trust me, there are times when life throws curveballs and I can’t handle it all. (…No one needs to see my cry face haha!). I am slowly but surely learning to prioritize some zen time over adding more to my plate. At then end of the day, being happy is key, so taking steps in a direction that adds goodness to my life is something I’m willing to work hard at!

Ps. Y’all know I love me some cute workout clothes, so when I saw this Nike tank + leggings at Urban Outfitters, I figured an extra dose of workout motivation can’t hurt! 😉 Love getting new fitness goodies, it makes me excited to stay active! Side note: my exact top sold out (so sorry!!), so I’m linking to a super similar one below (…that’s on sale right now, heyoo!).

**Photos by Brandon Hill Photography

tank – NIKE via Urban Outfitters / leggings – NIKE via Urban Outfitters / shoes – NIKE / sports bra – ZELLA

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