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livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-sole-society-red-sandal-flats-spring-summer-outfit-idea-style-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-striped-shirt-6livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-sole-society-red-sandal-flats-spring-summer-outfit-idea-style-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-striped-shirt-7So long, cognac shoes! 😉 Hello, burst of red and a little touch of instant happiness to any outfit. But it isn’t just any red, it’s poppy red. It’s extra bright and adds a fun energy I didn’t know my wardrobe needed – until I slipped into these shoes

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-sole-society-red-sandal-flats-spring-summer-outfit-idea-style-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-striped-shirt-10livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-sole-society-red-sandal-flats-spring-summer-outfit-idea-style-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-striped-shirt-1livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-sole-society-red-sandal-flats-spring-summer-outfit-idea-style-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-striped-shirt-5livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-sole-society-red-sandal-flats-spring-summer-outfit-idea-style-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-striped-shirt-3livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-sole-society-red-sandal-flats-spring-summer-outfit-idea-style-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-striped-shirt-9livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-sole-society-red-sandal-flats-spring-summer-outfit-idea-style-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-striped-shirt-4livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-sole-society-red-sandal-flats-spring-summer-outfit-idea-style-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-striped-shirt-2Do you follow other bloggers? I’ve mentioned before that I’m a loyal fan of two blogs near and dear to me…I have never met the women behind them (…and if I ever did I’d probably faint haha), but I’ve been following for years (…all the way back to my college days over six years ago!). The first is Cup of Jo (everyone should read this one…she truly has a gift for connecting with women on the Internet!) and the second is Love Taza. Taza (her real name is Naomi) began by sharing outfits and her site has since evolved into a lifestyle + family blog (a big move from DC to NYC and five kiddos later! See? I’m an avid reader 😉 ). As time as gone on though, she has always stayed true to her love for color – she is a walking Anthropolgie ad (she always looks fabulous!) but in the bright colors instead of the muted earth tones. Her knack for styling color and not looking cheesy or “extra” is honestly such a skill…and I am so inspired by it! …Okay okay, so what’s the point of this tangent? It’s that I immediately thought “omg I’m like Taza!” when I spotted these shoes. Even though I generally stick to the neutrals side of the color spectrum, I am feeling very content to step outside my comfort zone and rock some bright red shoes! I’d like to think Taza would approve, too. 😉

Y’all have seen me gush a lot about Sole Society on my blog and social media (like in this post & this post), and for good reason! Not only do they have an array of brands on their site (…and an array of products: shoes, handbags, scarves…you name it), but their own line of shoes are SO beautiful and super affordable. I have worn this pair (these wedges really are magical and the best for spring/summer) a TON since they arrived in the mail last month (they’re super lightweight), and I am certain these darling red kicks will be put to great use, too! Best of all, they do not rub and are really comfortable. I am definitely someone to stick out the pain of breaking in shoes (I always carry band aids with me haha!), but these didn’t need a break-in phase…me and my feet are very happy about it, too! 😉

If you saw my previous blog post that was all about straw handbags, then you know I am clearly a fan! This cute crossbody is also from Sole Society and it’s the perfect size. My sister helped me shoot this post and she kept telling me how much she liked my bag (…I may just have to surprise her with one!). Sharing the rest of my outfit details below.

Do you have a pair of special, colorful shoes? I felt like I had such a pep in my step with these on! Have a great Friday, loves! XO

top – MADEWELL / jeans – URBAN OUTFITTERS / shoes – SOLE SOCIETY / handbag – SOLE SOCIETY / necklace – MISSOMA / sunglasses – RAY BAN




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