Relaxed High Rise Jeans (Under $100!)

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-lifestyle-blogger-madewell-perfect-summer-jeans-6livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-lifestyle-blogger-madewell-perfect-summer-jeans-2Happy Friday, ladies! I hope you’ve had a great week – can’t believe how quickly this one flew by…but definitely not complaining that we get to sleep in tomorrow. 😉 It’s a rarity you’ll find me in a dress on any given day (love them but for some reason I can’t stop/won’t stop with my crazy denim obsession), and even in the summer, jeans are one of my go-to outfit staples. Madewell is a brand I continue to spend aaaall my pennies on (…but hey, building a wardrobe you LOVE is totally worth it, right? Oh ya know, always rationalizing my shopping habits over here….), and their denim selection is one of my very favorites. When I saw this particular pair (called the “Perfect Summer Jeans“) hit the websites of numerous retailers, I immediately snatched up a pair. High rise, flattering on the backside (…no pancake butt with these!) and overall just such a great fit – can’t recommend them enough!

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jeans – MADEWELL / top – ABERCROMBIE / handbag – SEZANE / shoes – MADEWELL / bandana – MADEWELL / hat – BRIXTON


Peach Caprese Salad

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-lifestyle-blogger-peach-caprese-salad-recipe-summer-appetizer-idea-3By Jessica Lee

Here in Texas it is H-O-T. I’m talking walk-outside-and-already-start-sweating hot. It’s pretty brutal, but luckily, here in Austin, there’s always a pool and icey cold margarita not that far away.

On days like these, the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven. So this Peach Caprese Salad is the perfect anecdote. It combines fresh summer peaches with the classic mixture of tomato, burrata and basil. I know it seems simple, but if you get really good ingredients, it’s a pretty magical combination…
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Our Modern Bungalow Dining Room

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-lifestyle-blogger-modern-bohemian-bungalow-dining-room-kitchen-3livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-lifestyle-blogger-modern-bohemian-bungalow-dining-room-kitchen-8If there’s one feeling I have come to love (like really…LOVE), it’s the feeling of a completed room. (You know…that moment when you get to look at all your hard work and take a big, deep breath of relief as you grin from ear to ear…that’s the feeling I’m referring to…). Our dining room has been in the works for over a year, and after making a few major adjustments (I swapped out our old table and chairs for the beauties in this post…but more on that shortly!) we finally had a few travel photos framed, potted our plants, put up some shelving and topped it off with statement light fixtures and some linen curtains. The overall vibe of this space is “modern bungalow” (….which is what I kept in mind as I shopped for pieces – I always like to use a “mood descriptor” to refer back to when buying items), and I think we totally nailed it! Well…at least it certainly feels cozy and calm with the rug, plants and wood combination, but with a modern twist given the mid-century look of the table and chairs. Needless to say, Blake and I are very happy to sip our coffee here each morning and chat about the day ahead.

Ps. Watson was actually a total ham during this shoot – there were no treats involved, ha! He just willingly really wanted to lay on that freshly vacuumed rug haha!

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table – (courtesy of) ARTICLE / chairs – HOUZZ / light fixtures – ANTHROPOLOGIE / plant stand – TARGET / woven plant basket – AMAZON / shelf – WORLD MARKET / rug – MACYS (similar HERE) / bronze tray – SEZANE

6 Shoes I’ll Be Wearing All Summer

livvland-blog-olivia-watson-best-summer-sandals-any-occasion-fashion-illustration**Artwork by Kimberlee

As you have probably gathered…I have a strong affinity for tan, brown, dark brown, light brown – aaaall the browns on the color spectrum – shoes. I try my hardest to branch out and put the black pair in my shopping cart, but just before I click “confirm payment” my heartstrings are pulled and I’ve swapped the black woven mules for the brown pair. Immediately, I feel relief. 😉 (Anyone else try to push their “style boundaries” only to run back to your ‘ol reliables? That’s me, all day long!). I know I’m like a broken record about this color, whether it’s for shoes or handbags, but I really just love the warm tones and how a pair of perfect brown/tan/cognac (whatever the word!) adds such an approachable and casual feel to an outfit. Sometimes black can seem too harsh or severe when I’m slipping on my shoes with an outfit, but my trusty brown shoe collection feels less intense and more “me.” If you follow me on the ‘gram, you’ve likely seen quite a few of these kicks before, but I figured a summer shoes roundup was in order to properly give them the spotlight they deserve! 😉 From a summer wedding, to a baby shower, to a date or even a grocery run – these shoes can do it all!

Sharing six ways to wear these fab shoes below…

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The $24 Tee You Need In Your Life

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-urban-outfitters-striped-vintage-tee-levis-denim-wedgie-shorts-madewell-mini-leather-backpack-8 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-urban-outfitters-striped-vintage-tee-levis-denim-wedgie-shorts-madewell-mini-leather-backpack-6THIS. TEE. It’s the softest thing and the colors + stripes are so fun and retro. Kinda has a 70s vibe to it and I am all about it! Aaand the best part? It’s just $24 (yaaas!). Y’all know I love me a good coffeehouse, and Tom’s Coffee Roasters (yep, owned by Tom’s shoes) is always a solid go-to for a yummy latte and minimal people around so I don’t have to feel completely ridiculous while I snap some quick outfit photos… 😉 (Ohh the weird life of a blogger! haha).

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tee – URBAN OUTFITTERS / shorts – LEVI’S / sneakers – VANS / backpack – MADEWELL

Knot Front Romper

Ohh that perfect yellow color…how stinkin’ cute is this for summer?! I love the updated take on a classic romper – that knot-front is adorable and the ruffle trim adds such a flirty vibe. I don’t feature “occasion” looks that often, but when I spotted this romper I knew it would be such a fun look for anything from a date night to a bright and airy wedding guest outfit. Spilling all the details below!
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Poolside Cocktail: Aperol Spritz

livvyland-blog-aperol-spritz-summer-cocktail-recipe-austin-texas-lifestyle-blogger-2By Jessica Lee

Summer has arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. Even though I don’t technically have summer vacation like I did when I was in school, there’s just something about the way summer feels that’s always made me feel more relaxed. Maybe it’s the fact that I find myself next to a pool most weekends or maybe it’s the relaxed work hours, but summer just feels more

Each summer, I find myself almost exclusively ordering one drink when I go out. Last year, it was a margarita with mezcal, but this year, I can’t help but gravitate towards Aperol Spritzes. What’s an Aperol Spritz, you ask? It’s a simple combination of Aperol, Sparkling Wine and sparkling water. Plus, it’s low alcohol, which makes it perfect for sipping on those extra hot days.

Prepare to be obsessed…

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Summer In Levi’s

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-what-to-wear-levis-501-denim-shorts-festival-outfit-idea-1livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-what-to-wear-levis-501-denim-shorts-festival-outfit-idea-10Ohh it’s that time of year… festival season is fast approaching! With Austin City Limits just months away, it’s time to start planning my outfits… and the best part about this particular look? You can wear it aaaall summer long. Levi’s denim shorts are such a classic go-to and always SO cute. Pair with a simple white tee, layered necklaces and a bandana double wrapped and you’re ready to hit the festival grounds!

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Instagram Roundup: June

livvyland-june-2018-spring-summer-instagram-roundup-outfitsIt’s been a while since I’ve posted an Instagram roundup on my site buuut I feel like so many of these have just been quite perfect for these spring-to-summer days lately. Shop each outfit via the links below and feel free to Pin to your fashion/style Pinterest boards! Just scroll over the image you want to Pin and you’ll see a “Pin It” button pop up in the upper left hand corner – super simple and a great way to save outfit ideas so you can always refer back. Enjoy scoping out 20 of my favorite spring and summer looks!

Ps. You can follow me on Instagram HERE & Pinterest HERE.

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Urban Outfitters AfterPay

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-south-congress-i-love-you-so-much-mural-urban-outfitters-harper-babydoll-floral-tie-back-dress-bandana-neck-8livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-south-congress-i-love-you-so-much-mural-urban-outfitters-harper-babydoll-floral-tie-back-dress-bandana-neck-2Happy weekend, ladies! I come bearing some reaaaally great news: Urban Outfitters recently added AfterPay to their site, which means you pay only 25% up front, then pay the rest in four easy equal payments. OMG game changer because online shopping can add up (trust me…I know this all too well haha) and let’s just say when you really want that pair of Jeffrey Campbell flats (I’m talkin’ about these) but the price tag seems a little scary upfront aaand you’ve got a shopping cart filled with 10 other items (hi, that’s me!), AfterPay is the way to go.

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