Relaxed Corduroy Blazer

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-madewell-corduroy-relaxed-blazer-perfect-vintage-wide-leg-crop-jeans-clog-fall-outfit-4 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-madewell-corduroy-relaxed-blazer-perfect-vintage-wide-leg-crop-jeans-clog-fall-outfit-3Ooh fall is SO fun to dress for! This time last year I was in the depths of renovation preparation mode and taking care of a baby and a toddler, so I didn’t really go all in when it came to getting dressed, priorities were elsewhere! But this year, even just a couple weeks into fall weather, I am already LOVING piecing together cute, practical and wearable looks. Like this outfit that I was so eager to share on IG – and y’all clearly loved this blazer as much as I did, it’s been in my top 3 most sold products for two weeks now…and I have a feeling it may stay there for a while! Yummy caramel corduroy AND a cool relaxed fit? Slow clap for this blazer and yes, just go ahead and add this one to your cart.

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Our ILVE Majestic II Range

livvyland-blog-kitchen-cozy-french-country-cottage-diamond-tile-marble-floor-green-cabinets-silestone-el-statuario-quartz-countertops-ilve-majestic-range-antique-white-induction livvyland-blog-ilve-majestic-freestanding-electric-induction-30-inch-range-old-world-convection-oven-3
Introducing the statement piece of our kitchen…our
ILVE Majestic II Range in Antique White with brass knobs + handle. It is truly DREAMY! I’ve been following ILVE on Instagram for ages and have always swooned over every image that crossed my feed. Their ranges are beautiful, functional pieces of art in your kitchen. I think every single person we’ve had over lately has stopped to touch this range and say “Oh my goodness, OLIVIA!” It is a showstopper and really ties in that french provincial feel I wanted to create here. Sharing all the details in this post!

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Fall Trend To Try: Cropped Sweater

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-cropped-cardigan-sweater-outfit-idea-beek-sanderlink-black-mules-4 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-cropped-cardigan-sweater-outfit-idea-beek-sanderlink-black-mules-1The latest trend I am here for: cropped cardigan sweaters. If you feel inclined, you can unbutton a couple at the top and bottom to let some more skin peek through (very LA #coolgirl) – but y’all know me, I generally gear towards a more buttoned up vibe (har har). This cardigan is SO crazy soft! There are a few sizes left in stock, so I’m going to share some more similar options at the end of this post.

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Collared Top & Wide Leg Jeans (on sale)

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-fall-outfit-idea-ava-platform-clog-madewell-caitlin-wide-leg-jeans-collared-top-sezane-farrow-bag-3 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-fall-outfit-idea-ava-platform-clog-madewell-caitlin-wide-leg-jeans-collared-top-sezane-farrow-bag-2Well hello dear readers! It’s been a long time since I’ve shared some just-for-fun styling on my blog. Life, ya know? I hope you’ve been so good! As Blake and I like to laugh and say…okay, this is my 150th attempt to get back into a routine with blogging. I keep saying, “I’m making my comeback!” and then I get busy with the boys, and then tired from being busy with the boys and then alas…back into my track shorts I go! 😉 Anyways! I sincerely appreciate you stopping by…

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Where We Ordered Our Countertops

livvyland-blog-kitchen-countertop-aaa-countertops-austin-texas-silestone-eternal-el-statuario-two-cm-thickness-3livvyland-blog-kitchen-countertop-aaa-countertops-austin-texas-silestone-eternal-el-statuario-two-cm-thickness-5Something I have learned when it comes to renovating is that small victories can make a BIG difference in the total experience. What I mean is, when everything seem to be going wrong, having one thing go smoothly can really lift you up. In our case, this kitchen renovation was beating us down until it came to ordering countertops. Simply working with the right people – good people with quality products – made ALL the difference! If you’re searching for countertops in Austin (or surrounding areas), I highly recommend AAA Countertops. They were a total dream to work with and we LOVE our countertops! More that below…

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A Cozy, Charming Dining Room

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-french-countryside-hill-country-dining-room-round-white-oak-table-amber-lewis-anthropologie-mantis-chandelier-cb2-spindler-1 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-french-countryside-hill-country-dining-room-round-white-oak-table-amber-lewis-anthropologie-mantis-chandelier-cb2-spindler-4
Hello and welcome to our dining room! There are many favorite parts of our kitchen, but this spot is high on the list. From the light oak against the checkered marble floors, to the gallery wall filled with art we’ve collected from friends, family and travels around the globe and a view of giant oak trees through an oversized picture frame window…as with everything in this kitchen, every inch was obsessed over and thought out. I think it turned out better than I could have ever imagined!

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Our Kitchen Remodel Products


Quickly following up my kitchen reveal post with a list of products we used to make it all come to life! When planning this remodel, I used countless blog posts as resources and was SO grateful for those ladies who took the time share…and in turn, make my life easier when it came to selecting products (because if you’re renovating, you KNOW is an absolutely agonizing experience haha…SO. MANY. OPTIONS!). Let me know if I missed anything and I am happy to share in the comments.

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Before & After: Our Kitchen Reveal

livvyland-blog-kitchen-cozy-french-country-cottage-diamond-tile-marble-floor-green-cabinets-silestone-el-statuario-quartz-countertops-ilve-majestic-range-1 livvyland-blog-french-country-kitchen-dining-room-round-white-oak-spindler-cb2-table-anthropologie-oak-farmhouse-chair-amber-lewis-mantis-chandelierOhh goodness, where do I even begin with sharing our kitchen reveal? If you’re a longtime follower, you know that this renovation has been happening behind the scenes for more than two years. Blood, sweat, tears – so many tears, haha! When Blake and I bought this house in 2020, we knew it was a project. It wasn’t a “one tour and we knew” sort of thing. It was a “we will have a newborn and a toddler and a house that needs every inch redone” type of thing. I remember after touring the house for the third time (yes, third) and we were standing on the back patio (amidst nearly an acre of bushes and overgrown plants…and 45 incredible oak trees – the yard sold us on the house) when we finally took a deep breath and said, let’s do this. Almost exactly two years later, we have completed our first space in the house – the kitchen of my dreams! Beyond excited, nervous, all the things to share it with y’all today. So without further ado, welcome to our cozy, french countryside-inspired kitchen…

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I Repurposed A Sentimental Necklace Into A Ring (Spoiler: It Turned Out Amazing!)

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-repurpose-jewelry-austin-texas-custom-ring-shaesby-5 About six months ago and after cleaning out my closet to make room for the renovation, I rediscovered a very special necklace. Blake and I dated in high school, and for an anniversary he gave me a teardrop necklace with a beautiful oval amethyst front and center. I wore that necklace ALL the time for years. In fact, there are so many of my old high school photos with me wearing it (when I say I cleaned out my closet, I mean it, ha! Down to the printed digital camera photos!). When I found it again, I held it in my hands and thought of two teens very in love and how much that necklace always meant to me. Though the style felt dated for me now, I really wanted to be able to wear it in some way. That’s when I considered repurposing the amethyst into a piece of jewelry I would wear today…

I have followed the jewelry designer, Shaesby, on social media for ages. They are PROS at dreaming up stunning custom pieces and repurposing old jewelry into something fresh and new. I also love the entirely handcrafted approach…the whole process is so incredibly special, start to finish. I was lucky enough to meet with Travis, the head designer at Shaesby, to help me create the most beautiful ring – and see the process in action. From our first design meeting to the ring casting and my final try-on, I had the absolute best experience…and totally teared up after putting on the final ring (and maybe cried seeing progress images along the way, ha)…crazy how sweet it is to wear something with so much history. Heart bursting kinda feeling!

Also – I want to mention that I do still have my wedding ring for those curious! But with two wiggly toddlers and diaper changes 24/7, wearing something with prongs doesn’t work right now. I usually wear a thin rose gold band, but once this ring was in the works, I knew it would be so perfect for my ring finger. Eventually I will have it resized to fit another finger when I can wear my wedding rings again.

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3 Ways To Wear Flare Leggings

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-fitness-fashion-blogger-athleta-elevation-flare-leggings-pants-2Gotta be honest, at first I wasn’t so sure about this trend, but after slipping into these insanely buttery soft and comfortable (can you tell I reaaaally love these pants?) leggings, I am 110% sold! They’re surprisingly flattering and add a fashion forward feel to an otherwise regular pandemic outfit! (Ya know what I mean?). If you’re on the hunt for a new everyday legging, this pair is IT! Wearing a size small. I also scooped up this pair in black (wearing them as I write this post haha) and they are equally magical! Outfit details below.

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