Denim Shirtdress with Silver Jeans

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-silver-jeans-co-denim-shirtdress-shirt-dress-drawstring-summer-spring-booties-errisson-lawrence-photography-beach-outfit-8I hope your week is going well and if you’re in Austin, that you’re staying nice and dry – we had some serious rain these past few days! Last night the thunder was so loud that I actually woke up and scooted closer to Blake, ha! …Felt like I was a kid again in need of protection. So funny now that I’m not half asleep and can think clearly about it. Aside from me acting like a big baby during the storm (lolz), I wanted to update you all on the pre-SXSW panel I spoke in on Monday night…the good news? I survived public speaking! 😉

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-silver-jeans-co-denim-shirtdress-shirt-dress-drawstring-summer-spring-booties-errisson-lawrence-photography-beach-outfit-2 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-silver-jeans-co-denim-shirtdress-shirt-dress-drawstring-summer-spring-booties-errisson-lawrence-photography-beach-outfit-7 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-silver-jeans-co-denim-shirtdress-shirt-dress-drawstring-summer-spring-booties-errisson-lawrence-photography-beach-outfit-4 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-silver-jeans-co-denim-shirtdress-shirt-dress-drawstring-summer-spring-booties-errisson-lawrence-photography-beach-outfit-3 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-silver-jeans-co-denim-shirtdress-shirt-dress-drawstring-summer-spring-booties-errisson-lawrence-photography-beach-outfit-6It was a pretty amazing turnout (over 100 people for a ‘future of tech + style’ panel) and I think the coolest part was that after the event, there was a line of people from all facets of the Austin fashion industry wanting to learn more about me and my blogging career…it was nuts! Definitely a surreal and very cool thing to experience and I was so grateful to meet gals who have been following my blog from the start (…if you’re one of those people, THANK YOU! I appreciate your support so much!). Everyone was so sweet and personable, I couldn’t have asked for a better event! However, when the panel MC turned to ask me my first question, I definitely told the audience that I was very nervous and to give me a second haha…hey, honesty is the best policy, right? After a couple of questions, I loosened up and my confidence came back (and my heart stopped pounding so hard, the frog in my throat went away…).

If you have a fear of public speaking like me (slowly but surely working to get over this!), I highly recommend reading Brene Brown’s “Rising Strong” a few hours before you go on. Before heading over to the event, I tried to get in a “zen” place (y’all, when I say my anxiety was through the roof, it really was haha), so I took a bubble bath and read a few pages from the book. Brene Brown is all about being vulnerable and showing your true self to others – and when you do, people respond in a positive way because you’re being open and honest. So! I actually repeated “just be vulnerable, just be vulnerable” in my head the entire drive over…and it was amazing how much it helped! I try to be genuine and not put up walls when I talk to people (or write on my blog or in social media), but it’s always healthy to have a ‘vulnerability’ reminder every now and then.

Okay! Enough about my stage fright – just wanted to fill you all in since I’d be talking about the panel so much before Monday. 😉 Nowwww, back to the outfit, of course! Is this denim dress not the cutest thing? I’m a sucker for denim as it is, let alone in dress form with a tie at the waist! This dress is by Silver Jeans Co., and I’m loving the wash of the denim (…but really, do we expect anything but perfection from a brand known for their denim? Yep…SJC just gets it!). A little denim dress like this one is the perfect “throw on and go” (as my mom would say, ha) because it can be worn casually in SO many ways! Add a green utility jacket if it’s a little cold out or swap the booties for sandals once it hits summer or rock it at a festival with a plaid button up tied around the waist. One dress, so many possibilities – and y’all know I’m all about scooping up items that can be worn in more ways than one!

I paired the dress with fringe booties and stacked some colorful wrap bracelets to add a little boho vibe to the look. Ps. I shot this outfit back in November when I was a super blondie (you can read my full Laguna Beach trip with Silver Jeans Co. recap post here – it was pretty incredible!!). As for size reference, I’m wearing a small in the dress.

Loving this look for spring? Shop it below! Thanks for all of your support in the comments section about the panel – you ladies are THE best! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, XO!

**Photos by Errisson Lawrence Photography

dress – SILVER JEANS CO. / necklace – SILVER JEANS CO. / boots – INDIGO ROAD / bracelets – SILVER JEANS CO.

A big thank you to Silver Jeans Co. for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.


  • Maggie says:

    Oh wow I really like this dress! It’s great for casual weekends.

  • Katie Fegert says:

    The cutest denim dress!

    I’m so glad your panel went well despite your anxiety! I dealt with severe stage anxiety when I was younger (which didn’t fare well as I was a musical theater major for a while there lol!) The only thing that helped me was just doing it (performing that is) over and over. Although I will say that being a character on stage has to be a lot easier than actually being yourself on stage lol!

    I’ll have to check out that book as well… I know with acting vulnerability is key, so it only makes sense that it translates so well to so many other forms of communication in life. I admire the vulnerability in your tone on your blog and I definitely think it helps to set you apart!

    Sorry for the novel lol!

    • livvy says:

      Haha omg I LOVE reading your comments, please feel free to write novels ANY TIME! Wow – musical theater?! So amazing!! One of my best friends is pursuing stage acting in Chicago and we actually just talked about the “vulnerability” thing yesterday, particularly when it comes to acting or performing – it’s something they just have to find within themselves every time they hit the stage – definitely one way to quickly grow confidence haha. Very cool that you tried musical theater, I did theater all four years in high school, then something hit and I got the “shy bug” once I ventured to college. Most of my closest friends are dance or theater majors though, too funny!! You would totally get it when we break out in show tune numbers and dance around like idiots..ha! 😉 Theater people = the best.

  • Allison T. says:

    Hi Olivia,

    I was actually at the panel discussion on Monday and I thought that you evoked a lot of confidence while also feeling relate-able. I’m new to your blog and am LOVING it. Thanks for all of the valuable insight you gave on Monday 🙂 Keep up the great work!


    • livvy says:

      Hi Allison! Oh wow, that’s so sweet of you and even cooler that you found me through the panel! Glad I didn’t come off like a hot mess haha, those nerves can get to me!! So happy to hear you learned a lot from the panel, I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting everyone – definitely a cool event to be a part of. Thanks again for commenting that you attended, that means a lot! XO!!

  • Charlotte says:

    So cute!! I love that first photo 🙂 denim dresses really are the best, so easy to wear. I love the boho vibe
    I can totally relate on the stage-fright part, I get major anxiety about those things– I’m glad to hear you made it through and even loosened up by the end! It makes such a difference to prepare yourself ahead of time and have a reminder phrase, I’ve totally used that trick too.

    xo Charlotte

  • Irina Dorko says:

    I have to wait another few months before I can wear my denim dress. We’ve had a few nice days here in NYC but winter just wants to seem to hold on too long. Love the outfit though girlie, you look fabulous!

    • livvy says:

      You’re so sweet, thank you!! I have a few friends in NYC and I hear you’ve seen a few days of spring but now it’s back to colder weather – soon enough!! Nothing like springtime in NYC, quite a lovely thing to experience!

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