Style Me Pretty: Asking My Bridal Party

livvyland-style-me-pretty-for-such-a-time-designs-stamped-spoon-april-heather-art-bridesmaid-coffee-mug-bridal-party-asking-idea-2Hello there! First off, happy Friday! Second, I am SO excited because today my second blog post with Style Me Pretty is officially live on the SMP website! For those who don’t know, I am working with Style Me Pretty to chronicle my wedding planning journey as one of their newest “Blogger Brides,” and my second blog post features how I asked my friends and family to be a part of my bridal party. (Eek, I’ve been SO excited to share this with you all…I know I gave a couple of sneak peeks on Snapchat, but now it’s finally here!).


As you can probably tell pretty quickly by looking at my social media feeds, I am a major coffee lover…and most of the time when I visit with friends, it’s over coffee! Needless to say when I stumbled upon two a few Etsy shops that fit exactly what I had in mind, I knew just how to ask each special gal (and one special “bridesman”) to be a part of our big day.

To create this precious way of asking my bridal party, I worked with four amazing people to make my gift set dreams come true! And WOW did they deliver…each of these people is incredibly talented, so sweet and seamless to work with, I highly recommend all of them for your bridesmaid/wedding gift needs!

Hand stamped spoons: For Such A Time Designs

Customizable illustrated coffee mugs: April Heather Art

Pretty calligraphy cards: Exquisite Squid

Lovely photography: Dandy Pear Austin Wedding Photography

livvyland-style-me-pretty-for-such-a-time-designs-stamped-spoon-april-heather-art-bridesmaid-coffee-mug-bridal-party-asking-idea-4livvyland-style-me-pretty-for-such-a-time-designs-stamped-spoon-april-heather-art-bridesmaid-coffee-mug-bridal-party-asking-idea-16livvyland-style-me-pretty-for-such-a-time-designs-stamped-spoon-april-heather-art-bridesmaid-coffee-mug-bridal-party-asking-idea-6livvyland-style-me-pretty-for-such-a-time-designs-stamped-spoon-april-heather-art-bridesmaid-coffee-mug-bridal-party-asking-idea-13I don’t want to give away too much, so head on over to Style Me Pretty to get the scoop and read all my sappy details! (And y’all know me, I’m quite the emotional being…soo, this post is no different! 😉 ). Enjoy, XO!


  • wait..i love this!!! I just got engaged too love this idea!! how fun and beautiful!! xo


  • caitlin says:

    okay this is the cutest! i also just went to style me pretty and read about your engagement story and it is so sweet! LOVED reading about it and I can’t wait to follow along the wedding journey. xx!

  • Ariel says:

    How difficult was it for you to decide on your Bride squad count? I feel like this is such a struggle to determine who you choose to be by your side and your count is higher than “average”. Many people say it’s too expensive having too big of a bridal party. Other than popping the question to your bridal party with gifts what else is an extra cost? Some brides pay for their bridesmaids dresses but that’s a lot to handle on a smaller budget. Any tips or tricks? xoxo

    • livvy says:

      Hey girly! It definitely got expensive and in hindsight I probably would have had a smaller party! It was quite a difficult task to narrow down and I felt like certain friends would get angry or upset if I didn’t ask them…so I just asked everyone! Looking back I probably would have just had family and my closest friends – or even just family (I have a big family as it is!) and have those close friends participate in the wedding in other ways. I did not pay for bridal party dresses but I did pay for robes and jewelry on the day of the wedding, which of course added up quickly given that there were so many. Of course, it is completely up to you and what you’re comfortable with! But, my best advice would be to keep it smaller! (Congrats on your engagement!!! xoxo!)

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