Holiday Gift Guide for Him – Under $100

As we all know…guys are quite challenging to shop for! If you’re like me, you like to give gifts with a little more meaning behind them and not just something you tossed in last minute at the checkout line…as in, it’s fun to ensure the gift is fitting for the person receiving it. For example – a cool new chemex coffee maker for the fella who’s into coffee and maybe a fun mug or two to coincide, or a neat way to store records (see the top right) and you could even throw in a couple of his favorite records he doesn’t have in his collection just yet.

The good news? Now is a great time to start scooping up those thoughtful gifts/gift sets – for one, while they’re still in stock, and two, while you have ample time to think up a gift that’s perfect for him! Here are some of my top picks under $100…most are waaaay under $100, too…woo!

**Scroll over images above and below to shop items

Record storage: get him a cool record storage piece and pick out a couple of his favorite new records. Coolest girlfriend award goes to you! 😉
Shop: record holder / records (some great finds!)

Shirts: Can anyone ever have too many cozy hoodies or plaid button ups? Nope, didn’t think so! These two are budget friendly and come in more color options.
Shop: blue hoodie / plaid button down

Shoes: Vans are THE coolest shoes. So many color options to up the cool factor of his wardrobe. All about these sneakers! Shop: vans shoes

Socks: Snatch up 3 for $20 right now! Great stocking stuffer or just a fun separate little gift package waiting under the tree. Loving the patterns on these right now!
Shop: awesome socks

Beanie: Whether he’s working to grow out his hair and needs some coverage in the meantime (hey, we all know how that mullet stage before the man bun can get…) a beanie is a definite must have over these colder months! Go with classic black or pick out a cool color like mustard for him (if he’s into bold picks!).
Shop: black beanie / more beanies

Scarves: Stay warm and on trend with a plaid scarf. I loved both of these handsome colors for guys!
Shop: green plaid / blue plaid

Beer everything: If your man is like Blake, then anything beer related will make him the happiest guy ever.  A book about beer, a beer pint glass, etc.,  you name it, they’ll love it. Rookie mistake: don’t forget to actually buy his favorite six pack to coincide with this gift set! 😉
Shop: book / pint glass

Cocktail kit: Long distance romance? This is a pretty cute stocking stuffer idea! It’s a kit that has all the fixin’s for the perfect cocktail – adorable!
Shop: cocktail kit

Moccasins: House slippers are the gift that never stops giving. SO comfy, warm, snuggly, everything you’ve ever needed to put on after a long day at the office. Trust me, these things are a foolproof gift!
Shop: moccasins

Coffee lovers: That Chemex is a type of coffee brewing method that’s popular at trendy coffeehouses around Austin right now, and of course, Urban Outfitters has it for sale. This thing makes delicious coffee and it’s a cool gift for someone who is genuinely interested in coffee…just toss in a couple of fun mugs on the side or visit your favorite local coffeehouse and buy a half pound of coffee grounds to top off the gift!
Shop: Chemex coffee maker / i love you mug / darth vader mug / chemistry caffeine mug

What are you favorite gifts for guys? I’d love to hear them!

Scope out some fun stocking stuffer ideas below, too!

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