The Perfect White Blouse

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-sezane-white-eyelet-blouse-kick-flare-jeans-simple-spring-outfit-11livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-sezane-white-eyelet-blouse-kick-flare-jeans-simple-spring-outfit-5Ohh the possibilities when it comes to the perfect white blouse. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it to brunch, wear it to the office…without a doubt, it’s a closet must. Though a plain white button down will do the trick, there are so many beautifully detailed additions to a classic white blouse out these days (like eyelet + ruffles) – and I can’t get enough!

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top – SEZANE (similar here, mine sold out) / jeans – URBAN OUTFITTERS (fit TTS) / shoes – SEZANE / sunglasses – CELINE / handbag – ETSY


Must-Have Wedges

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-sole-society-tan-sandal-wedges-8livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-sole-society-tan-sandal-wedges-7Happy weekend, y’all! Blake is sound asleep next to me while I write this post from our hotel room in Tokyo. I woke up early for a conference call with a brand I’ll be working with in May (…4am in Tokyo is 3pm in NYC! …yes, it was brutal, ah!) and I couldn’t fall back to sleep after it was over. Thus, I went downstairs to grab some coffee and figured I’d get in a blog post while I’ve got the time (and energy!). During the call, she let me know that it’s 80 degrees in NYC today (yay for no more snow!) and I’m assuming it’s well over that by now in Austin, haha ah…! Which means time to bust out your cutest tank (this one is just $20!!), a great pair of denim and some gorgeous wedges (that are crazy comfy!). Let’s get to it… 😉

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top – FREE PEOPLE / jeans – FREE PEOPLE / woven clutch – SOLE SOCIETY / wedges – SOLE SOCIETY / bandana – MADEWELL / hat – BRIXTON / sunglasses – RAY BAN

Everyday Breakfast Tacos

By Jessica Lee

Here in Austin, breakfast tacos are king. You can find them everywhere from coffee shops to gas station convenience stores to my office break room where a kind lady comes in and sells her homemade version every morning (how great is that?!).
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Sézane Spring

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-sezane-bucket-bag-rust-suede-jos-coffee-silk-satin-tank-top-8 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-sezane-bucket-bag-rust-suede-jos-coffee-silk-satin-tank-top-10Bonjour, mes amis! Okay okay, I’ll cut it with the french buuut I am feeling oh so inspired by all the beautiful new spring pieces over at my favorite french brand, Sézane! My bff Elissa (flight attendant) just had an overnight in Paris a few days ago and she sent me a video of a giant line pouring out of the Sezane store and into the street, down an entire block! Now, if that doesn’t tell us something about how special this brand is…then all you have to do is take a look at their website (or Instagram…swoon!), to be completely captivated by the whimsical, feminine styles they carry. I’m excited to share a few of their new pieces that have been adding a major pop to my wardrobe lately…
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SILK CAMI (wearing US4) – c/o SEZANE / lace-up flats – c/o SEZANE / handbag – c/o SEZANE (color: terracotta) / denim – LEVI’S / sunglasses – CELINE (wearing “Baby Marta”) / horn necklace – MISSOMA / diamond pendant – ZOE CHICCO

We’re Headed To…

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-travel-blogger-suitcase-luggage-watercolor-illustration**Illustration by Kimberlee Watson

That feeling when you haven’t slept all week (hello, delirium! Hello, dark circles!), you have crossed nearly every item off your to-do list (and had zero breakdowns…I am so proud of myself, ha!) and you’re bursting with excitement because you and your favorite travel partner are about to spend a full on two weeks exploring and soaking up another culture (and the #1 place on Blake’s bucket list)… Well! That feeling is currently welling up inside me because Blake and I are about to spend the next 14 days in…

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Effortless Essentials

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-express-one-eleven-knot-front-v-neck-tee-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-6 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-express-one-eleven-knot-front-v-neck-tee-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-3Hello and happy Friday! …We made it! 😉 I don’t know about y’all, but nothing says “WEEKEND!” like ultra comfy basics you can wear all year long. If you were to open up the closet in my office, you’ll see lots of pretty blouses to wear out and about (…that mostly get worn when I am taking photos in them, ha!), but if you were to open up the closet in our bedroom, you’d find a row of cotton v-necks in every neutral color imaginable (…I am 100% being serious!). The thing is, I am a jeans and tee girl through and through (…as if y’all didn’t already catch that about me…!) – and as much as I love getting dolled up, when it comes to staple pieces I wear time and time again, a tie-front tee and adorable pair of white cutoffs are no brainers because I know I’ll be wearing these all. the. time. (Ps. I styled this tee a different way on my IG feed, you can check it out here. See what I mean? One tee, so many ways).
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Walk To Work Day

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-fit-flop-white-leather-sneakers-outfit-7livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-fit-flop-white-leather-sneakers-outfit-5Hey friends! How’s your week going? I am truckin’ along over here…(true story: the photo above is me in my natural habitat haha). Today I am SO excited to chat about something I am extra passionate about – getting outside and walking throughout the workday! As someone who works on a computer the majority of my day (…it may appear that I am a girl about town, laughing while drinking coffee without a care in the world… 😉 …however I am sorry to break it to you but that’s about 1% of what bloggers do!), it is SO helpful to take a mental and physical break and get some movement outside.
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Greenbelt Hike

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-backcountry-l-space-black-one-piece-swimsuit-austin-texas-greenbelt-6livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-backcountry-l-space-black-one-piece-swimsuit-austin-texas-greenbelt-10The best way to clear your head and let go of that do-list that won’t stop running through your brain? Get outside! There is nothing more calming than the sound of a flowing stream, the beauty of vibrant nature around you and that exhilarating feeling that breaking a sweat during a hike can bring. This weekend Blake and I ventured down to a spot we’ve been visiting since our high school days (…it was fun to reminisce as we hiked down to the water…so many memories here!) – the Austin Greenbelt. There were some heavy rains last week, which meant hitting one of our favorite swimming holes was a great idea. It was SO beautiful, peaceful and best of all, a pleasant morning date that gave us a wonderful, fresh start to the week ahead.

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shorts – HURLEY / top – FREE PEOPLE / shoes – BIRKENSTOCKS / swimsuit – L*SPACE (wearing size US4) / hat – (similar, mine sold out!) BRIXTON / towel – THE BEACH PEOPLE / backpack – FJALLRAVEN KANKEN

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Coconut Whip Chia Pudding

livvyland-chia-seed-pudding-recipe-jessica-lee-austin-texas-fashion-lifestyle-blog-2By Jessica Lee

The next few months are going to be go, go, go for me. I’ve got a bachelorette party that I planned for a friend, her wedding and two separate groups of friends visiting. It’s a lot, but I’m super excited. That said, when I’ve got a lot going on, breakfast tends to get pushed to the back burner.

Insert, chia pudding…

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Weekend Ready

olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-lifestyle-blogger-plant-flower-shop-sole-society-espadrille-sandals-1olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-lifestyle-blogger-plant-flower-shop-sole-society-espadrille-sandals-4Raise your hand if you’re ready for the weekend! (…I am currently raising both hands over here…!). This week was started off slow then ended up being quite a doozy. Blake and I leave for Japan in ONE week…and this realization didn’t hit me until last night. Thus, I stayed up late writing out all that I need to get done before we head out – which then resulted in me drinking three glasses of wine to ease the stresses. I don’t recommend that – I am paying for it today haha. Buuut all good, now that my list has been made I’ve divided it up (so as not to get overwhelmed again) and am taking charge and will do what I need to do each day until it’s aaaall completed. This time next week I’ll be a free bird all packed up and so ready for two weeks abroad with my favorite travel partner!

Until then, we’ve got some things to do around the house…like outfit the back patio! As I mentioned earlier this week, our patio renovation is all completed and now we are on the hunt for outdoor furniture and lots of plants to make the space feel extra cozy and inviting. Blake put up the festoon lighting last night and ohh I smiled so big as soon as I stepped outside to see it in action! It really is the patio of our dreams and I can’t wait to share it all with y’all (…that post to come in early late April / early May, stay tuned!). For now though, we ventured to the cutest Sledd Nursery in central Austin for a little plant shopping (…and outfit photos, obvs! 😉 ).
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top – MOON RIVER / jeans – URBAN OUTFITTERS / shoes – SOLE SOCIETY / hat – SOLE SOCIETY / necklace – MISSOMA