Nursing Friendly Tops & Dresses

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about putting together an outfit when you know you’ll be nursing your baby, it’s this: BUTTONS! They’re my secret weapon when it comes to shopping for nursing-friendly tops and dresses that make you feel GOOD. (…Because as my fellow mamas know, wearing workout gear on repeat can often be the norm…even when there’s no workout on the agenda!). Grab your favorite pair of high rise denim, some boyfriend shorts (comfort is key!) or even your maternity jeans – whatever bottoms you feel comfortable wearing, and pair with any of these cute tops. Whip out some classic sneakers or summer sandals for the dresses! Sharing more of my nursing secrets below…

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How I Care For My Houseplants

“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a plant mom…” ūüėČ Today’s post is all about how we care for our plant babies! Anyone else get a ton of joy out of a space filled with house plants? There’s just something instantly calm and relaxing about them. Not to mention when you nurture a plant for years (years!), there’s going to be some sort of proud attachment, ha. (There’s the plant mama in me coming out!). When Blake and I moved into our house three years ago, we went a little plant crazy. Though¬†some were lost along the way (RIP), I’ve¬†finally¬†learned how to care for these finicky little fellas. That said, I’m sharing how we care for our plants, the types of plants we have around our home and our favorite place to buy house plants – let’s get to it.

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Mescal Margarita

By Jessica Lee

I don’t want to jump the gun, but I can just feel Summer fast approaching in the air. Those warm days spent by the pool are calling my name. I can’t wait to throw on a bathing suit, slather myself in sunscreen, grab a beach read and just ~c h i l l~

Who’s with me?

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My Postpartum Workout Routine

Ohh ya know, pregnancy just casually did a number on my body for nine months…and nine weeks postpartum, I am finally in a solid fitness routine to get my body back in shape! I realize I may never look like I used to pre-baby, but I am certainly ready to feel¬†strong and build my¬†endurance back up again. I put on 40lbs while pregnant with Jude and I’ve still got about 10lbs to shed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (…and to fit into my old wardrobe haha! …Let’s be honest, that’s a major motivator right there…!). Our postpartum bodies are pretty fragile, so I’ve slowly been getting into my fitness rhythm – here’s what I’m doing (…and what I’m wearing, too!)…

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Rain Or Shine, Get Outside

Hey there, big cheesy grin! I’ve been¬†feeling really good lately and I’m attributing those happy vibes to more time spent outside ¬†(…and exercise…wowza that really does do wonders!). We’ve had the strangest weather in Austin lately – one minute the sun is shining and the next there’s a torrential¬†downpour. Funny enough, I intended to shoot this post during a rain sesh (…hence that adorable raincoat…) but once we parked it cleared up and the sun started beaming. No complaints here, though! Vitamin D does a body and mind good. You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers” – so I am totally okay with all the rain if it means we’re looking at an extra lush and sunny May!

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jacket – NORTH FACE / leggings – PRANA / hat – PRANA / shoes – ADIDAS / sunglasses – RAY BAN (similar)


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Baby Gear Essentials

Ohh it’s my first ever mama & me post! Jude¬†is making his coffeehouse rounds and¬†this week we stopped by one of our favorites, Medici (…if I could have¬†one of their oat milk lattes everyday, I certainly would!). Per usual, Austin weather was unpredictable¬†and we waited out the rain in the parking garage, then quickly strolled on over and actually got to enjoy some sunshine while sipping our coffee! When it comes to leaving the house with a baby in tow, there is one retailer I know I can count on to make me feel calm and confident it’s going to be a successful outing (which means no tears from our little man!)…

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JUDE: baby keds / leggings (similar) / onesie / stroller / diaper bag (similar)

ME: mama keds / dress (wearing size small) / backpack / watch / sunglasses

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Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos

By Jessica Lee

When I’m in a dinner rut, one of my favorite foods to fall back on is tacos. I make them all the time (remember these breakfast tacos?) because you can throw just about anything into a corn tortilla and call it a taco.

My latest favorite combo? Sweet potato and black beans. Add an avocado crema and you’re good to go! You can mix up the combos depending on what you have on hand. Swap butternut squash for sweet potato or pinto beans for black beans. Not a fan of feta cheese? Queso fresco would be a great alternative. The choices are endless!

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Urban Outfitters Spring Sales!

Sharing some exciting SALE news: Urban Outfitters is running a TON of sale promotions throughout the months of April and May…and I’ve rounded up tons of favorites to refresh your spring (…and soon-to-be summer) wardrobe! Like 25% off graphic tees & shorts (how fun are those plant and floral tees above?) and 50% off hundreds of styles (*flash sale* today only!). I’ll be sharing more sale news on my Instagram feed over the next month, so be sure and follow along here + watch my IG stories for the full scoop.

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Freshening Up For Spring

Spring has arrived! Over the weekend we visited a¬†local plant nursery and scooped up some fresh flowers¬†for our patio. Nicer weather means more time spent outside…whether hanging with Jude on the¬†deck throughout the day (he sleeps SO well out there), or enjoying some time out and about¬†around Austin. A few wardrobe staples¬†I’m loving for spring are overalls (nursing friendly!), peasant¬†tops and of course, comfortable and CUTE shoes!

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OVERALLS (wearing size small) / TOP (similar & same brand, mine is old) / SHOES / HANDBAG


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Our 10 Favorite Baby Items

I’ll admit, before having Jude, we got a LOT of “stuff” for the baby. After having Jude, Blake and I quickly realized you really don’t need all the gadgets that the Internet tells you to buy. In fact, you don’t really need that much “stuff” in general to have a happy, well taken care of baby. My mom went with me to do my baby registry and she was pretty adamant about what we’d actually use vs. what is more of a trend (…and a waste of money…). I sort of feel like the baby industry is very much like the wedding industry…you prep and purchase “all the things” because you think you need them, but then once you have the baby or finish the wedding day, you figure out very fast what is necessary and what’s not. So! These are the 10 things we swear by for Jude. Every baby is different and what works for us may be entirely different from what works for others…but here are our top 10 favorite baby items…

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