Peter Pan Collar Top Two Ways (PS. It’s $23)

Big sale news because this darling, adorable, fun, happy lil top is on sale for $23!! Down from $60…so, go ahead and *add to cart* #noregrets and #noguilt because that’s basically one visit to a coffee shop with a latte, a couple of breakfast tacos and tip. Can you tell I do this justification dance in my head often? Mhmm, I sure do. 😉

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-peter-pan-collar-top-outfit-skirt-1livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-fall-outfit-idea-ava-platform-clog-madewell-caitlin-wide-leg-jeans-collared-top-sezane-farrow-bag-2The top is…drumroll…MADEWELL! Surprise, I know I know, you’re shooketh! Kidding. But if you’re ever curious about where something I wear is from, I’d go out on a limb and say 75% off the time it will be from Madewell. Love them, they’re amazing…okay okay I digress. 😉 I’m wearing size XS and this top also comes in a mossy green, too. Super comfortable and as you can see, definitely not as cropped as the model pic online. Very versatile!

My shoes and handbag stayed the same, but I swapped a high rise skirt for some ultra flattering high rise, wide leg denim and got two awesome outfits out of one $23 top. Love to see it!

Other ways to wear this top: go tonal with white wide leg denim – maybe lean even further into the tonal vibe by adding a brown belt! Layer the top under a pair of straight leg overalls to add some feminine flair to an otherwise tomboy aesthetic. Lastly, go full fall by tucking into a high rise ribbed knit midi skirt and perhaps some on-trend french-meets-western-boots. (Consult Sezane for further inspo right here).

What I’m getting at is, you can wear this ruffle collared top a lot of ways. And as someone who prides herself on having the same items in my closet for years and years, if it doesn’t check the “must be timeless and versatile” boxes, it doesn’t stick around. In conclusion, this Peter Pan collar top is definitely here to stay!


TOP / SKIRT (mine is old, linking new and v cute fall option!) / JEANS / CLOGS / HANDBAG / SUNGLASSES

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