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Anyone else all about a cute workout outfit and an awesome pair of running shoes? As fitness becomes a bigger part of my weekly routine, I am constantly on the lookout for practical and fashionable workout clothing – and shoes! I’m excited to partner with Finish Line today and give you the low down on these Under Armour running kicks! (Psst…they’re currently on major sale, Y-A-Y!).

**Photos by Angie Garcia Photography

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Given that I love everyday fashion, it’s no surprise I am a big fan of fashionable workout outfits, too! I am a firm believer that when you feel good in what you’re wearing, you feel better all around. Thus, when I know I’m about to get super sweaty (…and that my face will shortly turn into a bright red cherry…because it definitely does when I break a sweat!), at least my workout clothing and footwear is keeping my cool factor in check! 😉 (…Or that’s just what I’ll keep telling myself, ha!).

When it comes to shopping for running shoes, Finish Line has such an amazing selection to choose from. They carry a ton of different styles and brands to suit everyone – whether you’re an athlete or simply looking for stylish sneakers, they’ve got you covered! I immediately gravitated towards the neutral, sleek Under Armour “Charged All Around” running shoes…for one, they look awesome (check!), and two, they are SO lightweight and have amazing support, which I definitely need when it comes to shoes I’ll be hitting the pavement in. (Side note: I ran a TON of errands today and rocked this exact outfit with a cozy oversize sweater layered over it for extra warmth – and the shoes were fabulous! So whether you’re spending time at the gym or doing some serious Christmas shopping (…not going to lie, I often count shopping as a workout…those outdoor malls are huge!), these shoes are perfection.

Get the scoop my out workout look below – and shop more fashionable + practical running shoes! Ps. Finish Line is having a 30% select shoes sale…umm yes please! 😉 XOXO

shoes – UNDER ARMOUR / similar LEGGINGS / similar TANK TOP / similar SPORTS BRA / similar HOODIE

A big thank you to Finish Line for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

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