LUNA Bar Shindig Recap!


Hello gals! I am super excited about today’s post because for one, I had a ton of fun at this event and two, I am always happy to spread the word about amazing brands that care about their customers (…and products, of course! …And give me fuel to keep going these days – literally I have been LIVING off LUNA Bars lately..ah!). Last week I partnered with LUNA Bar to host a fab event at Embellish Nail Salon…and to say the least, it was SO much fun! (…Can you tell? And hey, that big ‘ol cheesy smile is not from the vino I drank that night either, ha!). Above you’ll see me (being a goof, what’s new? 😉 ) with Jeanine, the wonderful woman from the LUNA team who put this event together (…and did an incredible job, by the way!).

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember that I had a contest running for 15 followers and their guests to attend this shindig, complete with all the LUNA Bars you can eat (…or fit in your tote bag, ha!), delicious wine & cheese and finally, manicures and mingling. Well, the invite list went out and finally this highly anticipated event took place last week!

When LUNA reached out about partnering to host the event and share the 3 new LUNA Bar flavors with my followers, I jumped at the opportunity. LUNA Bar is one of those down-to-earth, kind and empowering brands that I am honored to collaborate with – hence, the words of encouragement we’re holding in the photos above and below! Jeanine had these printed and set them throughout the salon, which I absolutely LOVE because as someone who has that little voice of self-doubt in my head from time to time, it was a reassuring reminder to stay ‘authentic’ or ‘fearless’ throughout the duration of the event. (…And I had to do a little public speaking that night, so turning every which way and having these motivational words stare me in the face was awesome, ha!). Let’s just say having these positive words visible was highly representative of the LUNA Bar brand and I adore their empowering mission so much!
livvyland-blog-luna-bar-clif-event-embellish-nail-salon-anderson-austin-texas-fashion-blog-nail-salon-best-boutique-12^^…aaaand here are the new LUNA flavors! Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chunk, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond (my personal favorite, SO delicious…okay but seriously, is your mouth watering yet? 😉 ). Under 200 calories, gluten free & just 5g of sugar. See? Easy to understand why I hoard these things in my purse or tote bag at all times, ha!livvyland-blog-luna-bar-clif-event-embellish-nail-salon-anderson-austin-texas-fashion-blog-nail-salon-best-boutique-5livvyland-blog-luna-bar-clif-event-embellish-nail-salon-anderson-austin-texas-fashion-blog-nail-salon-best-boutique-2livvyland-blog-luna-bar-clif-event-embellish-nail-salon-anderson-austin-texas-fashion-blog-nail-salon-best-boutique-7^^Jeanine and I making making a short and sweet speech about the nail color options (we matched polish colors to the pretty packaging) and the new ingredients in the LUNA Bars. True story: I totally practiced my spiel about 100 times while sitting in traffic en route to the event, ha! Even still…my nerves were quite high. Pleased to say I managed to get through it!
livvyland-blog-luna-bar-clif-event-embellish-nail-salon-anderson-austin-texas-fashion-blog-nail-salon-best-boutique-6^^LOVED getting to meet my sweet blog followers in person, that was so exciting! I am constantly amazed and humbled when gals come out to events I am hosting, it’s the best to meet you all face to face – I always have such a blast getting to know you!
livvyland-blog-luna-bar-clif-event-embellish-nail-salon-anderson-austin-texas-fashion-blog-nail-salon-best-boutique-3^^Heyoo, there’s MamaWat on the left (little cutie!), one of my besties Veronica on the right (y’all probably know her by now, she’s on my Snapchat all the time) and my sweet coworkers and friends Melanie and Summer! Gah, always so wonderful to have your support system present at events!
livvyland-blog-luna-bar-clif-event-embellish-nail-salon-anderson-austin-texas-fashion-blog-nail-salon-best-boutique-4 copy^^Oh ya know, just Mel crackin’ me up…the usual!
livvyland-blog-luna-bar-clif-event-embellish-nail-salon-anderson-austin-texas-fashion-blog-nail-salon-best-boutique-10-copy^^Okay but really, could this LUNA Bar Instagram frame be ANY more adorable?! Did you catch me being the dorkiest of all dorks in the Instagram profile photo on the cutout? Yep, that’s me juggling LUNA boxes…so casual, I know. 😉 Ps. Thanks Vron for coming out and being a wonderful friend, LOVE you!
livvyland-blog-luna-bar-clif-event-embellish-nail-salon-anderson-austin-texas-fashion-blog-nail-salon-best-boutique-8Thank you to ALL of the amazing ladies who came out to this fabulous event! It’s SO inspiring to be surrounded by strong, empowering women and it was an honor to work with LUNA Bar to make this event come to life! Umm, how cute are these gals above?!

If you haven’t already tried the 3 new LUNA Bar flavors, definitely add them to your grocery shopping list asap! You can learn more about these new goodies here. Enjoy!!

**Photography by the super talented Amanda Pulley of Vagabond Photography

dress – SOCIALITE / necklace – similar STELLA & DOT / shoes – STEVE MADDEN / watch – NORDSTROM / wrap bracelet – NORDSTROM / nail color – ESSIE

A big thank you to LUNA Bar for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

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