Get Motivated! Fashionable Workout Clothes

Hi gals! Me oh my a workout post already?! True story: I’ve gone running AND did conditioning exercises for THREE days in a row now…feeling really good about this whole New Year’s resolution to be more active thing…sans the amount of soreness I feel right now… (literally could barely get out of bed this’s a good sore though, you know?). Anyhoo! I decided to put together some fun ideas of suuuper cute workout clothes (seriously, are these not adorable?!) because as we all know, there’s nothing like rocking gorgeous new workout pants and a ridiculously precious strappy back sports bra to get you in the mood to get your booty off the sofa and into the gym. …Or at the very least you can look really cool as you hit up Starbucks and run some errands on the weekend, right? 😉 Yep…that’s half of Austin for ya, ha!

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If you follow me on Snapchat {livvylandblog}, you’ll know that yesterday I made a Target run and scooped up a new yoga mat and some dumbbells (y’all, they’re hot pink and were on sale…couldn’t resist that one!). On Friday I am shooting a workout blog entry for my next Blogger Bride post with Style Me Pretty…hence the abundance of exercise and my indulgence in workout gear aaaall in one week. Though this little shoot may have catapulted my motivation, let’s just say I am very glad it did because it feels so great to be running again – I’ve always found it so therapeutic and freeing…and the perfect remedy to a day spent sitting in front of a computer! 😉

Okay time to get down to the cute clothes above! For starters, I’m in  l o v e  with those strappy back sports bras, SO gorg! Second, the leggings in the collage above are my absolute favorites. I own the black pair of long leggings and I’ve had them for nearly 4 years now, they’re by Zella and I swear by them! Cute under a dress with boots and equally cute on the treadmill, my kinda versatility! (And a great price point).

The down jacket at the top left is so pretty and suuuper warm. I love this thing with jeans, too – can’t go wrong with Patagonia! Loving a fun graphic tee as well, and that “avocado toast” one is particularly amusing to me…love it when shirts have trendy things written on them (like that “kale” sweatshirt in the same font as “Yale” …lolz!).

Next up on my fitness wish list is a new pair of sneakers. Loving these Nike color combinations, definitely will be saving these pretties for later! Also in love with that precious glass + pink water bottle at the bottom left, it’s too cute! I’ve never been the girl that has a water bottle with her at all times, but perhaps 2016 will be my year of hydration..? Maybe if I have that water bottle it will be, ha! 😉

Alright ladies, enjoy these adorable workout picks above and I hope you feel like a beautiful fitness goddess wearing any and all of it! That’s what I’d like to think I look like in new workout gear….when really I just look like a sweaty hot mess with a bright red face (I’ll never be that hot girl on Pinterest who looks sexy working out haha, absolutely not! But hey, it’s all in how you feel, right? 😉 ).

Enjoy!! XO!

jacket – PATAGONIA / sweater – NORDSTROM / strappy back bra left – URBAN OUTFITTERS / strappy back bra right – URBAN OUTFITTERS / good vibes – SPIRITUAL GANGSTER / avocado toast – PRIVATE PARTY / running shoes – NIKE / mid-calf leggings – ZELLA / black leggings – ZELLA / water bottle – SWELL / pink water bottle – BKR / headbands – NORDSTROM







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