Instagram Roundup: May 15, 2016


Hey there! How is your weekend going? Mine has been an interesting one…! Blake is out of town so I’m flying solo for four days, and it has definitely been an adjustment for me, ha! I guess I didn’t realize that we literally do almost everything together…soooo, it’s been super weird to have so much alone time, I’m ready for him to come back…been missing him like crazy! Let’s just say I’ll most definitely be counting down the hours until I scoop him up from the airport tomorrow morning! With more time I’ve been able to knock out wedding planning to-do’s with my mom and visit with girlfriends I don’t see as often as I’d like, so that part has been really nice. However, I’m super ready to have my other half back! True story: I stayed at my parents house on Friday night and went grocery shopping at 11pm last night…clearly I don’t know what the heck to do with myself while he’s away ha!

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Instagram Roundup: May 7, 2016


Hi there, gals! How is your weekend going? We’re in full-on wedding planning mode over in our abode – finally addressing our save the dates (it’s a miracle, ha!)..literally, Blake and I have them scattered on the floor in our living room, diving headfirst! Music is humming on the record player (Leon Bridges has been on repeat lately…soooo good, his voice is buttahh-cream!) and we’ve got a big pot of coffee brewing (already had two cups early this morning…in need of as much fuel as I can get today!). Needless to say, we’re off to a productive and lovely start to the weekend! 🙂

I have been loving all of your comments on my Instagram posts lately asking me to add certain photos to my Instagram roundup posts – seriously, this helps me so much to make sure I include the outfits y’all want to see most! I’m working to add a Like To Know It tab on my website, so you can just shop all of my Instagrams as they pop up straight from this tab…will be so helpful because these Instagram Roundup blog posts take me quite a long time to do + y’all won’t have to wait weeks for me to create them! More on that later as it moves along, I’ll update y’all asap when it’s live!

Recently I’ve been drawn to crisp whites, pretty florals and distressed denim…as you probably noticed from my Instagram account! You can never go wrong investing in pretty basics (like this tank top below) and floral prints are just so whimsical and girly (which I am a big fan of, ha), and of course, adding a little distressed look to your jeans brings about that effortlessly cool vibe that’s “so hot right now” as quoted from Zoolander. 😉 Enjoy shopping my latest looks and if you don’t already, you can follow me on Instagram for more outfit inspiration!

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Instagram Roundup: April 16, 2016


Happy Saturday, ladies! I hope you have some fun weekend plans in the works – I am looking forward to grabbing brunch with one of my best friends tomorrow and today have my next Style Me Pretty “Blogger Bride” shoot scheduled at 3pm…Thus, as soon as I finish up this post I’m headed to get all glammed up! (…And by that, I mean go take a shower and do my own hair and makeup..ha! #soglam). Looking forward to sharing that next post with y’all, let’s hope the weather in Austin holds up just until 5pm so we can get these photos, ha! (It’s supposed to POUR all weekend..eek!).

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Instagram Roundup: March 26, 2016

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-instagram-roundup-livvylandblog-spring-styleHi there! How is your weekend going? Blake is still sleeping, which means our abode is peaceful and quiet right now as I drink my coffee and work on what may just be my favorite Instagram roundup yet! After looking through my Instagram feed, I am not only super excited that spring has officially hit – but that there seems to be a more boho trend to all of my latest looks, and I am LOVING it!

I know some folks don’t use Like To Know It (seriously, you definitely should be – it’s AMAZING), so I just wanted to quickly touch on how you can shop these images straight from my Instagram feed by signing up! Basically, you sign up with your email address (you can do that here) and then any time you see one of my images come across your Instagram feed, simply double tap (or “like”) the picture and you’ll immediately receive an email from Like To Know It with a list of the products I am wearing – and voila, just like that you can shop my outfits from your phone within minutes! Seriously, Like To Know It is a game changer when it comes to online shopping and makes it SO simple and fun. Our society is big on instant gratification, so this is just another way we’re bridging the gap between seeing an item you like and being able to purchase it right away.

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Instagram Roundup: March 5, 2016

livvyland-instagram-roundup-1Happy weekend, ladies! It’s been a while since my last Instagram roundup post, so I figured there’s no better time than the weekend to relax & shop through some outfits you may have missed over on my Insta-feed! I never knew I was such a shoe person until I went back and picked out some of my favorite photos…and clearly, I have a thing for shoes! 😉 …and cozy cardigans, and easy-to-layer tees…as I always say, comfort is key when it comes to my style.

Any fun weekend plans on your end? I am off to grab coffee and snap some blog photos with my pops in a few hours (true story: blog life = never stops!) – I am getting used to our Saturday morning routine together, I’ll be sad when he heads back to New Mexico for work in two weeks! My dad is a camera operator in the film industry (in a nutshell, he films movies/tv series) and he just got a new gig that will last until June.. Thus, trying to soak in this time together before he leaves…perhaps Blake and I will just have to plan a trip to NM in the next few months! 😉 (No problem there, Santa Fe is one of my favorite cities!).

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Instagram Roundup: February 6, 2016

inta-roundup-2Happy weekend, ladies! What are you up to this Saturday? I am up early opening the mail from this past week (lots of packages filled with spring goodies for the blog!) and doing my best to organize our life (ya know, do the dishes…get the laundry going…all that fun, glamorous stuff 😉 Blake pulled an all nighter for work on Thursday night for a big project, so he’s sleeping like a bebe in the next room haha) before my mom and sister get here to scoop me up and head out to our wedding venue! They’ve never seen it (y’all…it’s insanity, basically an Italian villa in the middle of Austin, follow me on Snapchat to see it all today! Username: livvylandblog) and I am SO EXCITED for them to walk the grounds and just soak in the beauty of it all…eek, they’re gonna fall in love!

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Instagram Roundup: January 9

livvy-instaIt’s been a while since my last Instagram roundup, so I figured Saturdays are the best day to grab your cup of coffee, relax and shop my latest looks from Instagram! You can always sign up with Like To Know It to shop directly from my Instagram feed – you just sign up with your email and every time you “like” one of my photos with “#liketkit” in the caption, you’ll get the product details from that picture sent directly to your email inbox within minutes, pretty awesome! 😉

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Instagram Roundup: Dec. 5

livvyland-insta-roundup-decemberHappy weekend, ladies! It’s that time again where I pull some of your favorite Instagrams from my feed and share the product details on my blog! As always, if you have an Instagram account and want to shop products from my photos as you see them come up on your feed, you can easily do that from your phone! Simply sign up with LikeToKnow.It and every time you see one of my posts where I mention “” in the caption, go ahead and double tap my photo to “like” it and since you’re signed up with Like To Know It, you’ll receive product details sent straight to your email inbox…within minutes! It’s pretty awesome and a fun and quick way to shop those items you can’t seem to stop thinking about! 😉

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Instagram Roundup: Nov. 16th

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen these photos pop up on my feed and it’s clear to see…fall has FINALLY hit Austin! I’m talkin’ sweater weather, cozy knits and scarves perfect for bundling up! Not to mention boots/booties to take you from fall to winter…and as y’all know, I’m a super sucker for a fabulous pair of shoes apparently ;).

I wanted to touch on how you can shop my Instagram feed just by “liking” a photo that I post – it’s called Like To Know It, as in… you “like” the image to “know” what the product details are that were featured in the photo. You sign up here by submitting your email address, then once you go back to my feed and see a photo with “” or “#liketkit” you can “double tap” the image and through this awesome service, an email will be sent to your inbox immediately with my Instagram image you liked, along with direct product links so that you can instantly shop my photos!

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Instagram Roundup: Nov. 1st

instagram-roundup-livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-livvylandblogHi there lovelies! I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween weekend and are recovering from either too much candy (…or alcohol) consumption just fine this morning. 😉 I had a wonderful weekend and wanted to share a bit from it by way of an Instagram roundup – so you can be sure to catch up on anything you may have missed in LL world lately!

For starters, this past week Blake turned 25 – woooo! He has a massive ongoing work project that has been bogging him down lately, so luckily I was able to sneak in a surprise stay at the JW Marriott in downtown Austin on Friday night and we both disconnected for a bit. If you follow me on Snapchat, you’ll have seen that the JW Marriott definitely went above and beyond to make our stay incredible – giving us the “executive suite” so that we could enjoy a stunning skyline view from the 11th floor, along with treats and cocktails throughout the evening! Let’s just say I’ve never felt so giddy about a hotel before…it was all pretty magical! This swanky hotel is definitely one to try out if you’re headed to Austin or even for a stay-cation, like we had!

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