My Favorite Books About Grandparents

By Eugenia Vela

Have you ever noticed all these goofy holidays that keep popping up? Any given day, it could be National Bubble Wrap Appreciation or National Punctuation Day. Listen, both of those things are important, but is it necessary to have a day dedicated to them around the nation?! One major holiday that I’ve come to love, though, is Grandparent’s Day! Now, I know it’s behind us, but grandparents are always worth celebrating – plus, with fall and winter holidays around the corner, it’s the perfect time to spread the grandparent love with your littles. And let me tell ya, there’s quite a few beautiful books that honor these special people in your life, and I’m going to be sharing some of my personal favorites.

The Truth About Grandparents
by Elina Ellis

I am absolutely head over heels for this book!!! The Truth About Grandparents is told from the perspective of a child who’s trying to explain what it’s REALLY like to hang out with his grandparents, defeating all of the tired stereotypes about old people. We’ve heard old people are boring… old people are scared to try new things… old people are “not bendy”. But the gorgeous illustrations in the book show the kid’s grandparents riding roller coasters, playing video games, doing yoga, and so much more! This book is full of life and joy, just like its characters. I’d give this as a gift to all those grandparents out there who are living their life to the fullest!

Grandma’s Purse by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

The beauty of this book is its universality. How many of us remember looking through the contents of our grandma’s purse, fascinated by the treasures we could find? I certainly do. I remember my grandmother’s Dior lipstick and her beautiful silk coin purse. She never failed to have a couple of cough drops and tiny, quirky souvenirs from her travels. This book celebrates that experience, and the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter. I adore Brantley-Newton’s illustrations, the little details in the clothes and jewelry– everything in Grandma’s Purse feels warm, cozy, and familiar.

Drawn Together by Minh Le, illustrated by Dan Santat

This picture book makes for a completely unique reading experience. It tells the story of a grandson and grandfather who can barely understand each other. They speak different languages, struggling to interact on the most superficial of levels. Soon they discover they share one major passion: art. Through their illustrations they start communicating with each other, forging a connection that goes beyond words, beyond language, into a much deeper understanding. A gorgeous gift for grandfathers, but also for anyone who appreciates the power of art and unconventional storytelling.

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