Our 10 Favorite Baby Items

I’ll admit, before having Jude, we got a LOT of “stuff” for the baby. After having Jude, Blake and I quickly realized you really don’t need all the gadgets that the Internet tells you to buy. In fact, you don’t really need that much “stuff” in general to have a happy, well taken care of baby. My mom went with me to do my baby registry and she was pretty adamant about what we’d actually use vs. what is more of a trend (…and a waste of money…). I sort of feel like the baby industry is very much like the wedding industry…you prep and purchase “all the things” because you think you need them, but then once you have the baby or finish the wedding day, you figure out very fast what is necessary and what’s not. So! These are the 10 things we swear by for Jude. Every baby is different and what works for us may be entirely different from what works for others…but here are our top 10 favorite baby items…

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1. Diaper backpack: When it came to a diaper bag, I was looking for something Blake could wear, too (and not feel silly!). Not to mention, Amazon Prime has been our BFF during these first couple of months (god bless delivery services!). I scoured Amazon for a backpack with awesome reviews and this one had hundreds. I love that it’s extremely lightweight, has lots of storage/organizational pockets and easily rests on stroller handles while out and about. Also…it’s $45!! Total WIN.

2. Snuggle Me Organic lounger: Jude is now seven weeks old and we’re not using this thing as often (because he is now a wiggle worm)…however, for the first month, we used this lounger a TON! I’ve been following this brand on Instagram since I became pregnant, and I love the look and ultra soft feel of their loungers. When Jude was a newborn, we used it every morning while having coffee (we’d place Jude on it in between us in bed), or I’d place him in it while jumping on my computer to tend to emails (…or just have a mindless Internet break throughout the day). Keep in mind: these are not for sleeping at night, it’s just a safe place to rest your baby while you’re nearby.

3. Sleep gown: When you’re changing a dozen diapers throughout the night, you quickly realize buttons might be aesthetically pleasing but very impractical…especially when your child hates diaper changes and you need to be quick! Sleep gowns have been SO helpful and make diaper changes fast and easy. Plus, how darn cute are they?! Big fan over here.

4. Moby baby wrap: So we actually have the “Solly Baby Wrap” but I’ve been told by lots of IG followers that the Moby is more comfortable, thus, taking their word for it! Also…they’re all very similar in both look + price. Blake and I are big on wearing Jude because 1. we can get things done around the house, 2. he falls asleep within minutes 3. it’s such a wonderful way to bond with your baby. I wear Jude in the wrap multiple times throughout the day…he can smell me (and you know I’m smelling him non-stop, ha!) and that skin-to-skin contact is so nice. Highly recommend a baby wrap!!

5. Aden & Anais swaddle blankets: My sister loved this brand for swaddle blankets and we quickly realized she was spot on. SO soft and I love all the color + print options! You really can’t have too many swaddle blankets.

6. Hushh sound machine: White noise is a saving grace when it comes to our sleep routine. This portable sound machine is also easy to pop into the diaper bag and attach to the car seat, too.

7. Aquaphor healing baby ointment: We tried Boudreaux Butt Paste and Desitin to prevent diaper rash, but the only thing that really works for us has been Aquaphor healing baby ointment. We slather it on during every diaper change…it’s a game changer and no sign of diaper rash!

8. BIBS pacifier: I know some folks are anti-pacifier, but we looove them. Jude is soothed instantly! We tried quite a few different paci brands, and the only one Jude likes is BIBS. I think it’s the bulbous nipple shape…it stays in his mouth easily! I also love the neutral color options…there’s the blogger in me coming out! 😉

9. Uppababy Vista Stroller + Bassinet (and I’d recommend this bassinet stand, as well): So yes, this is a hefty purchase but we are SO glad we have it! This brand has rave reviews online and after taking our stroller out and about, it’s extremely light, glides so smoothly and folds up easily. It’s also really pretty, too! We got the “Vista” version because it can convert to hold more kiddos (more bang for your future buck!). This stroller comes with an attachable bassinet, and we actually use it for sleeping at night. It’s super soft, overnight sleep safe and with a bassinet stand it’s super easy to keep next to my bedside. (We don’t have the Uppababy bassinet stand, we use one that pairs with a woven bassinet we bought, but they both serve the same purpose).

10. Oogiebear booger tool: When the aspirator isn’t strong enough to get out those hard boogers, this tool is MAGIC! (It also works on soft boogers, too). Newborns breathe through their noses, so I’m pretty particular about getting out the stuff that I can tell is blocking airflow and bothering Jude. This tool is really gentle and has been so helpful, highly recommend!


Is there a baby product you swear by? Please share in the comments below! Hope y’all have a great week, XO.


  • Allie says:

    It’s overwhelming how much STUFF there is available for babies now! I did so much research when building my registry and polled basically every new mom
    I know, haha. We also love our UppaBaby system (especially the bassinet attachment for walks in these early weeks!) and a few of our other products we use almost every day have been: the Fisher Price Rock and Play, Lovevery play gym, 4Moms pack and play, Hatch Grow changing table and Hatch Rest night lite / sound machine, BrestFriend nursing pillow, Halo bassinet, Milk Snob car seat cover, and the Ollie swaddle. I also totally swear by Taking Cara Babies and think every mom should take the 0-12 week course!

    • livvy says:

      LOVE all of these tips!! I know every stage comes with new products to buy…I’ll definitely be looking into your recommendations as we need to purchase more things! And YES to the Hatch night light + sound machine. That’s our backup when the Hushh one we have runs out of battery life. I’ve been considering the Taking Cara Babies course, glad to hear you loved it. Thanks again for sharing!! xo

    • Jill says:

      I’m pregnant now & working on my registry. 🙂 With that 0-12 weeks class, when is the best time to take that? Like take it now (I’m at 23 weeks) or wait until closer to the end?

      • Allie says:

        Congrats! Once you purchase the class, you have access to the videos for only 4 months, so that’s something to keep in mind. I’d recommend watching it around 8 months and then again the week that you’re due. Cara’s tips help create such a healthy sleep foundation – our 10 week old is a great napper and only wakes up once in the night now. I also leave the house with her every day and feel like I have a life again! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  • Courtney says:

    Love the tips! So does that Design Dua rocking bassinet stand that you said you use with your woven bassinet also fit with/hold the UppaBaby bassinet? If so, I’m definitely going to have to try that stand out!

    • livvy says:

      Yes it fits perfectly! The one we got from Design Dua is also a rocker, which has definitely come in handy when Jude stirs at night and just needs a bit of soothing to fall back asleep. 🙂

  • Stefanie says:

    The moby wrap is probably my #1 baby item. As a new mom (I have newborn #3 now!) it saved me. I went from holding a fussy baby on the couch all day, crying myself from being hungry and needing to pee, to being able to do almost anything! Still love it today (though I’ve also been trying out a ring sling too for faster wearing with 3 kiddos!) anyway, I enjoyed your pared down list! 🙂

  • Erin says:

    I will always be purchasing a Hakaa for a nursing mom since I’ve used one (actually two) with my second daughter. It catches all the extra milk on the non-nursing breast in the early days when the let down comes super easy and then it continues to draw out milk once your little one is done. Great way to build a little freezer stash!

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