12 Things To Increase Work Productivity

As we inch our way out of January, I’m still on a “let’s make the most out of 2019!” kick over here. In the midst of being very very pregnant, one thing I am still finding joy in is my work. Though it’s getting more challenging to sit for lengthy periods of time (…pee breaks every 20 minutes…leg spasms…all that fun pregnancy stuff), I am still spending a few hours each day at my desk. Whether I’m sitting down to photo edit (spent a few hours editing the baby nursery pics yesterday…that post is headedĀ to LL this week, yay!), research new content ideas or simply tend to my email inbox, a few trusty things are helping me keep my head in the game (HSM reference, ya feel me? šŸ˜‰ ), and make me more productive in my work! Sharing 12 items that can come in handy when you’re ready to throw in the workday towel…

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1. Nalgene Watter Bottle: If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my pregnancy, it’s that being hydrated makes a WORLD of difference mentally and physically. I was never one to keep a water bottle close by, but once we found out we were expecting, Blake pickedĀ up a Nalgene water bottleĀ for me (holds 32oz of water, I drinkĀ two to three of these a day!). It makes drinking water really easy and it’s kind of a fun challenge to finish a full one by 11am, another by 3pm and the last one by 8pm. Not only do I feel better overall and that my focus has improved, but my skin is visibly smoother, too. Win/win!

2. The Power of Habit (book): Blake is big on books that encourage productivity, and this one has been sitting on our bookshelf for a while now. As y’all know, 2019 is my year of self-help (hence, this post), so building better habits (or getting rid of bad ones!) is something I am totally on board with. Even when something is common sense, sometimes it helps to read it and be reminded to keep it in the forefront of thoughts…so having books like this one on hand to refer back to is never a bad idea!

3. Gunnar Computer Protectant Eyeglasses: When I worked for a tech company prior to blogging, these Gunnar glasses had just started circulating around the office. Now, I’m seeing fellow bloggers rock them while they work on their computers – and I love it! They protect from eye strain and blurriness caused by computers, so if you stare at a screen all day (hi, that’s me most the time!), they’reĀ here to help!

4. Tech Charging Station: I don’t know about y’all, but my gadgets are misplaced all over the house at any given time (…file under “diaries of an extremely disorganized person”…ha!), so keeping a tech charging station at your desk is a great way to keep it all together…and fully charged!

5. Felt Letter Board: Display a weekly word or mantra to inspire and motivate you while you work! Brownie points because this letter board is pretty darn cute in pink… šŸ˜‰ (also comes in a ton of other colors!).

6. Yeti Lowball Thermos: Hands down, this thermos will keep your drinks hot or cold for HOURS on end! If you’re the type that needs to sip something while you work (…that’s me!), then you NEED this thing. You could literally work for three hours and still have hot coffee to keep you going… we have slowly been collecting these things and now have a shelf devoted them in our kitchen. Truly, can’t say enough great things.

7. To-Do List: If you’re a pen-to-paper list maker, this notepad is for you! There’s just something so satisfying about manually crossing off items on a to-do list…not to mention, lists in general help increase productivity. This one could also double as a grocery list maker, too. (Ya know, more bang for your buck over here!).

8. Pushpen Burlap Cork Board: One thing I’ve added to my office is a cork board where I display handwritten notes from brands I’ve worked with throughout the years. It not only makes me well up with pride, but it also motivates me to see relationships I’ve aspired to have in my work come to life. It feels good to display your accomplishments and keep them hanging nearby…always reminding you of obstacles you overcame and hard work you put in!

9. 2019 Weekly Planner: Pretty self explanatory, but writing in an agenda helps keep you organized and on track. I do my best to plan out a barebones content calendar for the month (…sometimes that whole “I’m extremely disorganized” thing comes into play and this doesn’t happen), but for the most part, I write out content goals in advance and refer back daily to make sure I’m on track!

10. Daily Affirmation Cards: I don’t know about y’all, but self-doubt can be quite gripping these days (hey, thanks social media!), so having a stack of daily affirmation cards is SO helpful to keep you in a positive, focused mindset. Big fan of self love over here and think these cards are such a wonderful idea!

11. Cute Notebooks: I mean…who doesn’t love Rifle Paper Co.? #swoon!

12. Fun Pens: If you’re willing to spend over $10 on pens, then the pen selection at Anthro is callingĀ your name! Darling prints certain to add a little pep to your writing –Ā so many fun options!
What helps you increase productivity at work? Feel free to share below! Wishing y’all a wonderful week, XO!

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