Pregnancy Diaries: Third Trimester Update!

Hello, from the throes of third trimester-land! Not going to lie, this part of pregnancy has left me feeling some kind of way…lack of sleep, kankles galore, gas and indigestion (Tums are the bff I never knew I needed in my life), hemorrhoids (yep, just went there!), and of course, less mobility as my growing bump has thrown off my center of balance and taking a walk around the block results in my considering which neighbors bathroom I can use to relieve my bladder. But like, 35 weeks and g-l-o-w-i-n-g, right?! 😉

Here’s my question…WHY did I not know about this side of pregnancy? My pre-pregnancy perspective of expectant mothers was literally Candice Swanepoel with nothing but a perfect bump in a string bikini frolicking on a beach in Brazil. Like…THAT IS NOT ME RIGHT NOW. My life has gone from “these sweatpants are all that fits me right now” to “these leggings are all that fits me right now and I’ve been wearing them for two weeks straight…”

I have always been a smaller built person…my weight didn’t fluctuate too much from high school into adulthood and so I think the stretching of my stomach (skin expanding, muscles parting, growing a 7lb baby, uterus becoming a watermelon, gaining a placenta…), has caused some intense pain and discomfort as my body has adjusted to make room. My best comparison is this: remember when you got your braces tightened and after the appointment you didn’t want anything to come near your mouth because it was so sore and sensitive? That’s how I feel about my belly region in the third trimester. Everyday is a new type of pain…nothing severe enough to merit a doctors visit (…according to Google this is all very standard for first time moms), but just overall discomfort and unease that keeps me from feeling like myself. Most of my days lately are spent horizontal on the sofa (that 2pm fatigue hits and my to-do list is thrown out the window), watching Botched re-runs and asking the heavens why women go through so much and men deal with literally NOTHING (…I really do think about this daily. How we still don’t have equality in this world is BEYOND…women are SUPERHEROES…but I’ll save that spiel for another day). Plus, lots more time spent talking to the little guy in my tummy about how we’re ready for him on the other side! (Side note: at 35 weeks he is paying close attention to my words and even music – he’ll be able to recognize songs outside the womb that I play for him over the next few weeks…how amazing is that?!).

At the same time, I have learned to appreciate motherhood (even before you meet your son or daughter!) on a whole new level. As if I didn’t think women were rockstars prior to pregnancy, growing a person and maintaining life as normal is an entirely different ballgame of superhuman. Add in all the not-so-pretty stuff that comes with late pregnancy and damn, my jaw has hit the floor at what women can do in this life. My mom had FIVE babies…that’s nearly five years of her life devoted to 1.caring for lots of other kiddos while also being pregnant (how?!) and 2. caring for herself enough to ensure she is healthy, active, eating right and staying sane while growing each baby. NO. WORDS. Slow clap for mothers everywhere and truly, a round of applause for my mom.

I promise when I’m not complaining about feeling wonky (hey! My OB told me I have full complaining rights this late in the game, ha!), it has been SO FUN to put together his nursery (will share with y’all very soon!), read parenting books with Blake (will share our favorites in another blog entry) and overall daydream about what our new life will be like in just over a month. Over the last few weeks, we celebrated two incredible baby showers, installed the infant carseat and I’ve purchased the baby laundry detergent so I can have his little clothes prepped and ready for his arrival. Reading about motherhood and infancy has become my favorite downtime activity…I feel like I’m a sponge soaking up new knowledge left and right. From birth to nursing to sleep training and everything in between, my world has expanded entirely since entering the third trimester. It’s been a dream, really. A very real, raw and beautiful dream.

Blake and I just talked last night about how this is the happiest we’ve ever been together. I may feel like a beached whale most days, but that doesn’t change the fact that this little guy is making me a mom – the one thing I’ve always wanted to be. And the fact that Blake is his dad? Damn, I’ve won the lottery over here. Heart bursting at the seams with love and joy these days…

Aand just so I can save this moment in time, here’s a quick snippet of what I’ve been loving my third trimester:
1. I’ve now added this belly oil ($10!) to my daily repertoire. Still swearing by all the Cocobutter things!
2. Zella maternity leggings have been AMAZING (and make me feel really good…!), plus they’re awesome for my daily walks.
3. These $50 Vans sneakers were the best investment I’ve made all pregnancy…shoelaces are no longer my friend.
4. Weirdly I’ve been craving lattes like CRAZY. I will wake up at 2:45am and the thought of my morning latte is all-consuming. Super strange but better to crave a latte than to crave all the sweets like in my first trimester, ha!
5. A terrycloth robe was at the top of my Christmas list, and god bless my mom for delivering (…she even had it monogrammed, how cute is that?!). Nothing beats getting out of a hot shower, slipping into a full-on hotel robe and oiling up your giant belly…(in case you’re wondering how I spend my evenings…haha!).

Just five weeks to go (more or less)…I can’t believe it! I know every pregnancy is SO different – some women experience “all the things” while others have an easier time. Feel free to share any thoughts, opinions or personal anecdotes in a comment below…it’s such an interesting journey and no two experiences are the same! XO


  • Anna says:

    I’m going to be “that mom” and suggest that you choose a fragrance free detergent for your home. Baby specific detergent is a marketing gimmick- save your money and wash everything together!
    -A mom in Cedar Park

  • KK says:

    Loving these updates. Would love to see your baby registry or top 15 thibgs that were on your list. if you’re open to sharing!

    • livvy says:

      Thanks for reading! I can definitely write a post like that – I’ll wait until we start putting those registry items to use… would hate to write about something and then not actually have loved the item, etc. Stay tuned post-baby for that one! xoxo

  • Whitney says:

    It’s been a year and a half since I was pregnant but reading this took me right there all over again. Gurrrrl, I feel you. My pregnancy was unplanned and I was single so I had that on top of it. And I got fired from my job at 8 months pregnant. It’s easy for me to still beat myself up for those “failures ,” which I why I got choked up reading your post. There is SO much going on inside the head and heart of a pregnant woman. No matter her situation. She becomes dependent on others and vulnerable in a way she never has before. This is not talked about enough. Those pictures of women frolicking on a beach looking all cute while pregnant are pretty misleading. Not that that can’t exist but that is most certainly the least of it. I am sending you so much love and light for the birth and beyond. You are a rockstar. Thank you for your honesty.

  • McKenzie says:

    I’ve followed you for awhile, and now that I’m pregnant, I’ve been going back over your pregnancy posts (28 weeks on Sunday). Bit of an awkward comment but I wanted to say thank you for writing that you have hemorrhoids! Haha. I had a bit of a horrifying experience on my babymoon a few weeks ago where one burst and I had to find an emergency room in a foreign country, eek. I eat so much fiber and am pretty active, and just honestly never thought this would be a problem. The things we go through! Love your content.

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