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Going back to my roots today! Which means…dressing in an ultra cozy, boho vibe. Growing up in Austin means it’s pretty much in my blood to dress casual for every occasion…and I’ve got no complaints there! It’s one of my favorite things about living here – you never feel pressured to get super dolled up. Barely-there makeup, second day hair (…that’s what hats are for! 😉 ), some free flowing layers and a fabulous pair of clogs…can you tell I am so ready for spring? Side note: it was 75 degrees when we shot this post, which makes me sooo happy! (Warm enough to order an iced beverage…#yaaas). Austin weather, you are totally CRAY but I sure do love you for providing a little sunshine this week.
When Blake and I were in Sweden last year, there were SO many gorgeous clogs EVERYWHERE! We were in a pinch to see a ton of sights in one day (note to self, that is quite a challenge…and quite stressful!) and thus, I did not leave Stockholm with a shiny new pair of beautiful clogs. Instead, the memory of their beauty stayed put in my head (…and has lingered ever since)…thus, immediately when I saw these ADORABLE kicks (under $100, yay!), they went directly into my shopping cart. Long story short: buy the shoes. 😉

My clogs are by Sole Society and come in a few color options, but I’m a sucker for a go-to neutral you can wear time and time again. They are extremely comfortable and the suede is very soft on your skin – no rubbing at all! I went to grab coffee and do some window shopping on South Congress this morning and after strolling up and down the street a few times, my shoes were going strong. (Also – shout out to my sister for snapping some pics along the way!). Such a fan of these shoes and can definitely see myself pairing them with a dress as the seasons change. I always love Sole Society products, such beautiful quality but also affordable! Spilling more outfit details below. 🙂

What’s a must-have on your spring shopping list? (I know I know, we’re still in the thick of February but us gals can dream, right?). XO

thermal top – UO (wearing xs) / jeans- MADEWELL / cardigan – SOLE SOCIETY  / hat- BRIXTON / shoes – SOLE SOCIETY / handbag – SOLE SOCIETY


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