Weekly Chat: 5 Friends Dish On Self-Love

self-love-clubHello gals, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! First off, I am sorry for my delay in getting my Weekly Chat post up and running this past week – traveling to San Fran and then Dallas last week threw off my usual blog routine…thus, I’m a week and a day late, but here we are!

My last Weekly Chat post was centered around practicing self-love, and mainly when it came to being kind to myself as I got my blog off the ground. I think it’s really important to treat ourselves with kindness during our “awkward phases” (…no one needs to see my first blog posts ha!), and it’s also vital that we keep these practices in motion as time goes on and those periods of growth come and go.

Which brings to me this weeks continuation post on self-love: how we put it into practice. As I write this, I am sipping a homemade latte (one of my happy places) and rocking a crazy topknot that is soaked in a yummy hair mask. I figured what better time to give myself a little lovin’ than while I write this piece?

When thinking of how I practice self-love/self-care, a few things came to mind:

1. I treat myself to coffee…a lot. If $2 is what it takes to buy me some energy and happiness, I am all in. I know people say “If you add up all the coffee you’ve purchased in the last year, you could…” But you know what? You only live once. Treat yo’self to the coffee.

2. Each morning I start my day by saying three things I am grateful for. I find this practice so humbling and the best way to put life into perspective, it helps me keep in mind what is really important. Blake is always at the top of that list and it’s the best feeling to give him a giant bear hug as I give thanks to the universe that he’s in my life. Taking the time to reflect and count my blessings is a biggie when it comes to self-love.

3. I end each day with a bubble bath (…and glass of wine). I started my daily bubble bath routine when I was working full time and running my blog – I needed a calm escape from 1. my computer and 2. a crazy schedule. This quickly became my daily form of “me time” and I am pretty sure it saved me from having a nervous breakdown on many occasions – and still does! Hot water, suds, my thoughts, phone on silent in another room, yummy glass of cabernet in hand = my bliss.

Given that everyone is different in how they practice self-love, I thought it would be really wonderful to hear from a few of my friends. I sent out a group email and almost immediately was reading through some seriously incredible responses. We’re constantly going through periods of growth in our lives (whether that be in relationships, jobs, achievements, setbacks, etc.), and it was really cool that everyone was so honest and personal – I feel like I learned so much more about each one of them.

Ben: Photography Studio Director, NYC

1. I try to exercise everyday: yoga and running I find the most success with. I’m inspired by having my body perform in new ways physically, it’s an opportunity to refocus attention to myself and also chemically release some happy endorphins.

2. Although it’s incredibly difficult and mentally painful/exhausting for me, I try to meditate when I feel overwhelmed and constantly remind myself that in these moments of transition where life throws you curve balls, things will settle and growth can and should be uncomfortable, it means you are changing (stealing words from my therapist here).

3. I surround myself with love and honesty every chance that I can. I have an incredible group of supportive friends that I can share the darkest thoughts and most embarrassing stories with. Humans are communal beings, it’s important to feel and to share and to hold one another. There is comfort in knowing the human experience is universal and we all are feeling the same things albeit at different times.

4. I show up. I get out of bed no matter how much anxiety i’m dealing with. I put on clothes that make me feel good and maybe even some color.

5. I look for beauty in people doing and sharing things they excel at, for me the performing arts are a really great reflection of this. Watching someone sing their heart out or dance until they are drenched in sweat is so inspiring. In the current social climate, people are saying and doing some very powerful things and I try to keep my eyes open for that.

Amanda: Costume design grad student, Chicago

1. Get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. All nighters = FRIED BRAIN!! …and a grouchy Manda. Even if the work isn’t completely done, at least I’ll have the brain power and emotional strength to assess how to problem solve and time manage the next day.

2. Take at least 30 minutes to exercise every morning. A stretched out body and mind lead to more productivity during the day.

3. Take the time to eat dinner with my partner every evening. Instead of heading straight to the drafting table, I gain perspective by discussing with him my struggles and successes of the day. Celebrating and problem solving together makes me feel like I’m never going through anything alone.

4. Reach out to my friends around the country as often as I can. Opportunities have spread my friend group out far and wide, but knowing that we are here for each other not only makes me feel extra supported, but also supportive.

Elissa: Flight Attendant, NYC/Austin/(…all over the world)

1. Running is my thaaaang! Great stress reliever–helps me set goals and gives me time to think about things/clear my head. Also best time to get pumped up with some good jams.

2. Might be vain but when I’m feeling down, I make an effort in my appearance…get a little dolled up. Makes me feel good when I look good!

3. I listen to music that hits straight to the heart–theres usually a lyric or two that hits home, gives me those goose pimples and helps me get my head on straight.

4. Traveling! Just going somewhere new, even if it’s going from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Finding new things to do and continuously explore!!

Emily: Brand manager, NYC

1. I give thanks for my abilities and pray that I can live them to the fullest: physically/corporeally, cognitively, spiritually, socially.
2. I also sometimes look in the mirror and, as recommended to me by a friend back in high school [Lizzy Williams], tell myself, “You’re fucking beautiful.” In the moments I don’t believe it, it’s often comical enough to bring a smile to my face — cue the natural endorphins therein! And when I do believe it, it’s all the better a mindset to start my day/night with.

Kayla: Pre-K teacher, Austin

1.Eating healthy and drinking lots of water! Those are the essentials, I know. However, if life is getting hectic, I have to refocus on the basics. I liven up this agenda with a fancy smoothie or a coconut water. I put my body through a lot of madness – it deserves to be treated like a movie star.

2. A bath! After a long hard week or maybe even an emotional hour, I love to take a candle lit bath with lavender Epson salt. My favorite part of the bath is lying in the tub while it fills up. The sound is entrancing and the gradual warmth is soothing.

3. Writing or reading or nerding out on whatever I want to. In our society of “keeping up with the Joneses” or my x amount of Facebook friends, expectations seem to pile up. It’s easy to forget that this is my life. Thus, right now I try and make time to pursue what inspires me – even if only for an hour!


At the end of the day, we’re all human and will have our ups and downs – the necessity of making time to show yourself a little kindness is key. Above all, I hope this post inspired you to practice some self-care! If you’d like to share some tips of your own, I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment below – you never know, your response may help someone else discover a newfound form of self-love. XOXO


  • Amanda Carmela says:

    Love this! I like hearing what all of these diverse people like to include in their daily routines. You’re definitely my favorite blogger, so thankful I discovered your little corner of the internet!
    xo, Amanda

    • livvy says:

      Hello Amanda! Oh wow, I can’t thank you enough for your kind words & sweet comment – I appreciate your support so much!! I’ll do my best to keep posts like these coming! XOXO

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