Favorite Cozy Sweaters & Cardigans For Fall

Hey there ladies! I hope your work week is ending strong! This week has been absolute madness in my world, but it’s all good because my mom is headed over to help out with some upcoming blog collaborations – somehow moms always know how to save the day (…even when you’re 26-years-old, ha!). Needless to say, I’m very thankful for her help and company! 🙂 So, stay tuned for some fun posts headed to my blog & Instagram feed (psst…check my Instagram feed in the morning, I’ll be hosting a fabulous giveaway!!).

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There’s one thing that always makes a weekend (or let’s be honest…really any day) better – sweater shopping! I am ALL about comfort and coziness, and I’m super excited to finally round up my favorite sweaters and cardigans that are SO perfect for these lovely, crisp fall days! And in case you’re wondering if I’m still sweating while snapping “fall” outfit photos outside in Austin (ohh y’all, the things us bloggers will do for the ‘gram, I tell ya ha!), I am VERY pleased to say that we’ve officially entered gorgeous fall weather…so those thermal tees layered under an ultra soft cardigan? Finally necessary! Well then, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? 😉




I have quite a few of the sweaters/cardigans I shared above, so I wanted to show y’all how I’ve been styling them lately! For more outfit inspiration, be sure to follow along on my Instagram feed (@livvylandblog). 🙂 Hope you enjoy – XOXO!





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