Cozy Activewear For Fall

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-patagonia-fleece-pullover-gray-nordstrom-plaid-layering-zella-live-in-leggings-cozy-exercise-outfit-8Hello there gals! Hope your week is off to a great start! 🙂 I’m super excited to partner with Nordstrom today and chat about some of my favorite cozy outdoor & activewear for fall…like this adorable Patagonia pullover, Zella leggings and Nike sneakers combo! Y’all know me…comfort is always {major} key when it comes to getting dressed everyday, and lemme tell ya – this look is 100% magical in the comfort department. Oh, and it’s “effortlessly cute” too, huh? 😉

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-patagonia-fleece-pullover-gray-nordstrom-plaid-layering-zella-live-in-leggings-cozy-exercise-outfit-6livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-patagonia-fleece-pullover-gray-nordstrom-plaid-layering-zella-live-in-leggings-cozy-exercise-outfit-7livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-patagonia-fleece-pullover-gray-nordstrom-plaid-layering-zella-live-in-leggings-cozy-exercise-outfit-5livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-patagonia-fleece-pullover-gray-nordstrom-plaid-layering-zella-live-in-leggings-cozy-exercise-outfit-3livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-patagonia-fleece-pullover-gray-nordstrom-plaid-layering-zella-live-in-leggings-cozy-exercise-outfit-4livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-patagonia-fleece-pullover-gray-nordstrom-plaid-layering-zella-live-in-leggings-cozy-exercise-outfit-2livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-patagonia-fleece-pullover-gray-nordstrom-plaid-layering-zella-live-in-leggings-cozy-exercise-outfit-1Though I could have gone with a small in this Patagonia pullover, I preferred a medium so that I could comfortably layer under it and I liked the overall looser fit. I’ve mentioned this before, but I have very broad shoulders for my frame (I generally wear a size up in tee shirts simply because the shoulders portion can be too small half the time!), so that’s just something to note when I reference my top sizes, etc. This pullover is SO cozy and comes in a bunch of other colors – I love heather grey for fall, though.. and it can get dirty and it’s tough to see..ha! Highly recommend this pullover for YOU and as a Christmas gift to all the other ladies in your circle…seriously, you can’t go wrong gifting Patagonia! Ps. It’s under $100…wahoo!

I’ve also mentioned that I used to work at Nordstrom back in college during winter and summer breaks. I actually started out in the activewear department! Thus, I am very familiar with the high quality activewear brands Nordstrom carries (so many good ones, really do love them all!) and especially Zella – which is Nordstrom’s own activewear line. My leggings are the “Zella Live In Leggings” and seriously…you will totally live in these once you put them on! I have had this same pair for 3 years and they are good as new. I wear them to exercise, hike the Austin Greenbelt or for a coffee run.. 😉 And I also wear them under OTK or riding boots with a dress or tunic top! They are extremely versatile and give you full coverage. I definitely LOVE these leggings and recommend to everyone.

My sneakers are the ‘Nike Juvenate‘ and funny enough, Blake saw me wearing these and immediately went and got the guy version…ha! They’re super light weight and very comfortable. Though I love colorful shoes, I opted for the black/white style because they can get dirty ( sneakers should!) and that color combo is always unassuming and goes with everything. Love these shoes for running errands or hitting the trail for a run – and they’re a great price point!

Lastly, I always turn to Nordstrom when it comes to great layerable button ups that won’t break the bank. I love this black and red plaid top by BP because it’s long – which means it’ll cover your front and back and not make you look like you’re wearing leggings as pants…even if you are wearing leggings as pants, ha! I am wearing a size small in the top, for reference.

From Nike to Patagonia to Zella and a TON of other amazing outdoor and workout brands, Nordstrom is my go-to for all things layerable, cozy and casual for fall! I feel like we’re just now enjoying those crisp fall temperatures in Austin, and I definitely find myself clicking over to all the ultra soft pullovers and beanies on the Nords website. (..Y’all know me, if I like it enough in one color, I’ll have to have it in more, ha!). I’m excited to get outside and go walk the Hike & Bike Trail or hit the park with my nieces and nephews…and it always helps to dress accordingly!

Shop my look & a few more cozy fall favorites below – XOXO!

A big thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

pullover – PATAGONIA / leggings – ZELLA / plaid top – BP / sneakers – NIKE / sunglasses – RAY BAN


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