Weekend Farmers Market Visit

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-lifestyle-blogger-farmers-market-free-people-tank-razorback-tank-top-high-rise-slim-straight-leg-pant-arizona-birkenstock-outfit-9 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-lifestyle-blogger-farmers-market-free-people-tank-razorback-tank-top-high-rise-slim-straight-leg-pant-arizona-birkenstock-outfit-8Last weekend Blake and I (…and Jude!) woke up early to enjoy a morning at the Farmer’s Market. We grabbed yummy local coffee (y’all…my mocha latte was $2.50! Unheard of in Austin, ha), scooped up some freshly picked wildflowers and chatted with the sweet vendors about their beautiful fruit and veggie assortments. It was such a lovely morning and made my heart super happy, as it felt like an “old Austin” type of outing. (Meaning, it didn’t feel “trendy” – it was genuinely pleasant). Jude quickly fell asleep in the front pack, so Blake and I had a mini morning date and got to reminisce about Austin and our childhoods in this city. The types of things we did with our parents as kiddos and weekend traditions we want to create with our own little family. We both love all the outdoorsy things Austin has to offer and fondly remember family days filled with local swimming holes, snow cone stands and mini festivals that popped up throughout the city. Walking around the farmer’s market together felt a lot like those special times!

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tank top – FREE PEOPLE (wearing size M/L) / jeans – FREE PEOPLE (fit TTS) / shoes – BIRKENSTOCKS / macrame bag – THE BEACH PEOPLE

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Summer Reads, Summer Flings. 5 Books That Will Make You Fall In Love This Summer

By Eugenia Vela

It’s officially hot and sticky here in Austin, which means cool, delicious cocktails, late afternoon dips in Barton Springs, and light summer reads to keep you company! My reading habits throughout the year have so much to do with the seasons. That may sound weird, but as soon as winter hits I gravitate toward darker stories set in snowy towns or, if I’m being completely honest, yet another reread of Harry Potter. But the summer makes me crave escape in the opposite direction: I want heat, romance, comfort, and light! I want to laugh and fall in love with a fictional character, is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

So whether you’re beachside, poolside, or hiding inside your favorite coffee shop, these are some of my favorite books to dive into this summer! Lots of laughs and deep, dramatic sighs guaranteed.

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Shop These Summer Reads!

Red, White & Royal Blue / Normal People / You Always Change the Love of Your Life (for Another Love or Another Life) / The Wedding Date / When Katie Met Cassidy

15 Summer Sandals

Warm days, breezy nights (…or full humidity if you’re in Texas, ha!), sunset dates on a pretty patio, backyard cookouts with friends…ohh the possibilities! Time to show off your latest pedicure and rock some new summer sandals. I am LOVING the adorable, minimalist options out right now. Lots of cute slides, fun wedges and ankle straps are IN – and I’m all about it. Throw on a flirty summer dress or pair with high rise denim shorts and darling tee (like this classic and affordable option here) and slip those feet into kicks that make you feel extra special!

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Ohh The Power Of Shaving Your Legs

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-joy-razor-shave-walmart-bubble-bath-3livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-joy-razor-shave-walmart-bubble-bath-6Among about 1000 other things I took for granted before becoming a mom (…like leisurely eating lunch, finishing an entire episode of anything, singing at the top of my lungs in the car, sleeping through the night, finishing my coffee while it’s still hot…fellow mamas, ya feel me?), the one thing that might just top this list is…drumroll…shaving my legs! Not going to lie, on the days when I have enough extra minutes to shave, it’s a VERY big deal and I’ve basically conquered the world. I feel like a new woman when I step out of the shower with silky smooth legs…even if those legs are going right back into activewear as I walk my little man to sleep around the house, ha! (But hey, successfully getting Jude to nap is a major WIN in my day!). When it comes to spending time on myself and going the extra “self care” mile, there’s one razor and shaving cream brand I’m reaching for…
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Overalls & Sneakers

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Ohh how I’ve missed this place! Since having Jude (…and given that he still haaates the car), I haven’t been able to take the 20-minute drive to South Congress in months. Grabbing a leisurely coffee over here used to be my daily reality – and now it’s my daily daydream, ha! My mom watched Jude for an hour over the weekend, so Blake and I decided to spend that time grabbing coffee and strolling our favorite street. And even though I thought about Jude 90% of the time we were gone (…and literally ran up the stairs to see him when we got home, ha!), I felt refreshed and so happy to spend an hour with my hubby, holding hands and reminiscing about how much our lives have changed in just four months time. Taking time for myself is not something I do often these days, let alone allotting time for just me and Blake – but I’m learning it’s so necessary! A happier Olivia = a better mom, wife, daughter, friend…the list goes on and on. A little self-care goes a long way!
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Where To Grab A Drink In Austin

best-austin-texas-cocktail-lounge-bar-restaurants-livvyland-blog-lifestyle-bloggerBy Jessica Lee

It’s summertime in Austin, and while, yes, it does get incredibly hot with the mercury rising above 100 degrees more days than not, it’s also one of the best places to be this time of year. Why? Because we’ve got a ton of great watering holes – and by watering holes I mean both lakes/pools and bars!

So to celebrate the return of summer, I’ve rounded up the best spots to grab a drink in Austin. I know I missed some (there are so many!), so leave a comment with your faves!

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Nike Summer in White

“We’re not a regular fam, we’re a Nike fam!” …But in all seriousness, Blake said he’d never be in a blog post with me unless it was for Nike…and low and behold HERE we are! Nike is a brand we admire greatly in our house – and it’s the only label Blake wears proudly (not even joking…it’s 100% Nike shirts, shoes and track shorts for this guy…he refuses to wear any other sports brand). Given that Jude is a mini Blake (…anyone else see the resemblance? Ha!), we’ve been collecting our fair share of Nike onesies, too. So stinkin’ adorable! …And I thought dressing myself was fun…nothing compares to dressing your baby! I mean, can we just take a minute for those precious baby sneakers? So. CUTE.

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Olivia: sportswear tank top / air max 270 sneakers
Blake: sb nyjah free skate shoe
Jude: cortez basic sl shoe

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Finding My “Mom Style” With Trunk Club

livvyland-trunk-club-postpartum-outfit-ideas-summer-nursing-friendlyLife before Jude = leisurely hopping from a coffeehouse to a cute bar patio. Life after Jude = lucky if I make it to the Starbucks drive thru, ha! But in all seriousness, these days makeup is a rarity and if I put on real pants it’s a big deal. When people used to tell me about “mom style” I never thought twice about what that would mean once I became a mom myself. And now that I spend 24/7 caring for a three month old, I totally get what they mean! You’ve got to find pieces that make you feel good, are comfortable and practical. Now that I’m two sizes bigger since having a baby, I was in desperate need of an update and ready to invest in clothing that fits my new body. Did I mention the whole “it’s extremely difficult to leave the house” thing? Yeah…about that…my trips to the mall are few and far between these days (…and if I make it to the mall then I’m normally shopping for Jude and not myself). Which is where Trunk Club saves the day!

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Nursing Friendly Tops & Dresses

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about putting together an outfit when you know you’ll be nursing your baby, it’s this: BUTTONS! They’re my secret weapon when it comes to shopping for nursing-friendly tops and dresses that make you feel GOOD. (…Because as my fellow mamas know, wearing workout gear on repeat can often be the norm…even when there’s no workout on the agenda!). Grab your favorite pair of high rise denim, some boyfriend shorts (comfort is key!) or even your maternity jeans – whatever bottoms you feel comfortable wearing, and pair with any of these cute tops. Whip out some classic sneakers or summer sandals for the dresses! Sharing more of my nursing secrets below…

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How I Care For My Houseplants

“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a plant mom…” 😉 Today’s post is all about how we care for our plant babies! Anyone else get a ton of joy out of a space filled with house plants? There’s just something instantly calm and relaxing about them. Not to mention when you nurture a plant for years (years!), there’s going to be some sort of proud attachment, ha. (There’s the plant mama in me coming out!). When Blake and I moved into our house three years ago, we went a little plant crazy. Though some were lost along the way (RIP), I’ve finally learned how to care for these finicky little fellas. That said, I’m sharing how we care for our plants, the types of plants we have around our home and our favorite place to buy house plants – let’s get to it.

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