Our Staycation “Getaway” at Downtown Austin W Hotel

Processed with VSCO with a8 presetHey gals! I am super excited to share some behind-the-scenes photos from my stay-cation at W Austin Hotel with one of my best friends, Lauren of Vandi Fair! LV (that’s what I call her) drove in from Dallas this weekend so we could enjoy a little r&r and galpal time with a two-night stay at the W – and it was so wonderful! We try our best to see each other often, so this was such a fun way to hang out, catch up and basically feel like we were on a mini vacation without having to hop on a plane.  From the pool to the restaurant (…it is tuhh die! They basically had to roll us out of there, ha!), to being right in the midst of Austin’s popular 2nd Street District, there was plenty to do and enjoy during our “stay-cay” getaway.

{SHOP OUR LOOKS: LV – pink dressnude shoes – ME: one shoulder top / jeans / handbag / heels}

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-reviwe-wet-deck-pool-party-room-coffee-in-bed-1Blake has been out of town in Florida for a work conference and Cole (LV’s husband) was also traveling for work, so we decided it would be perfect to get in some girl-time while they were away! Big fan of waking up to a fresh French press at our door (the room didn’t come with coffee, so we ordered a French press for two – both of us us = monsters before coffee haha) and I love that they have a stack of the latest local magazine waiting in the rooms. After we had our first round of caffeine, we ventured over to Jo’s Coffeehouse, it’s just a 2-minute walk away to grab food (croissants and breakfast tacos FTW! 😉 ). Ps. Totally cracking up in this photo because it’s THE hardest thing to keep a straight face when LV is taking my pictures…I die laughing every time! (We are both 100% goofs when we’re together.. let’s just say serious photos aren’t our thing!).

{SHOP: floral printed robe (similar) / glasses / slippers}

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-review-jos-iced-turbo-2nd-street^^Iced Turbo = my faaaaavorite! It was so hot by 11am that the ice basically melted just minutes after I snapped this photo – hello, Texas summer!

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-review-coffee-run-outfit-abercrombie-tassel-trim-tank^^Mini photo shoot after that second caffeine kick has finally set in (…yes, it takes THAT much to get me going haha). But seriously, how precious is this tassel-trim halter top? I am in LOVE! So cute with jeans (…which I’ll admit were not the best choice in the sweltering Texas sun that day…but hey, they’re just so cute!) and wrap-up sandals.

{SHOP MY: top / jeans / heels / handbag / sunglasses}

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-reviwe-wet-deck-pool-party-swanky-rooftop-2^^Time to hit the pool! The Austin W is known for hosting some awesome pool parties in the summer (…which I witnessed as we arrived on Sunday and they are not messing around! I wasn’t sure if I was in Vegas or Austin, ha! People everywhere dancing and having a great time, definitely a sight to see for the ‘ol granny in me these days! 😉 ). We decided to go for a low-key swim sesh and wait until mid-afternoon on Monday to really relax and scope out the pool…my kinda pool day = quiet and peaceful!
livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-reviwe-wet-deck-pool-party-swanky-rooftop-tassel-coverup^^Cutest tassel-trim open back coverup and the most adorable floppy hat that says “yes way rose” by local Austin brand Shop Hat Couture!
livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-reviwe-wet-deck-pool-party-swanky-rooftop-3 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vix-snakeskin-wrap-around-coral-bikini-w-hotel-wet-deck-pool-party-sunday-boho-swimsuit-poolside^^The best part about this swimsuit is that LV was wearing the EXACT same one! We both died laughing…hey, it must be THE swimsuit to get apparently, ha! Also, if you ever want a conversation starter at the pool, just have your group of friends wear matching swimsuits and voila – you’ll be talking all day! (Hopefully you caught those “twinning” photos of us on my Snapchat, they were so good!). Ps. I’m wearing a size small in both the top/bottom and really do LOVE this suit – it’s by VIX which is an amazing swimsuit brand and known for being very high quality and comfortable, and it totally is!

{SHOP MY: swimsuit / sunglasses / necklace / sandals / cutoff shorts}

  livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-review-trace-restaurant-bar-lunch-4-trendy-interiors-decor^^Next on the agenda was a late lunch/early dinner (“linner?”) at Trace , the restaurant in the W. The lunch rush had clearly passed, so we literally had the place to ourselves…and the staff was SO sweet and gave us the royal treatment! (Special shoutout to Stephanie for being the most awesome server EVER!! She totally wined and dined us!). Also, how pretty is this restaurant? Definitely a more high-end vibe but with an Austin twist, the decor/artwork was fabulous!

{SHOP MY: off shoulder top / sunglasses / handbag / sandals}

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-review-trace-restaurant-bar-lunch-1^^Trace has a new lunch menu every week, so Stephanie brought out the ENTIRE lunch menu for us to try…when I say it was amazing I really mean that…the food was so flavorful and delicious and the ambiance of the restuarant just feels so good! We sat inside right next to the giant glass doors, so we could people-watch while eating (…yet stay in the air conditioning haha) and it was all around lovely. We finished off with fresh cookies and cappuccinos, my kinda dessert combo!
livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-review-trace-restaurant-bar-lunch-3livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-review-champagne-in-roomjpg^^A sweet note and champagne for two (LV and I laughed because it was literally like we were on a romantic getaway together haha!).
livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-review-champagne-is-my-spirit-animal-makeup-bag^^The blogger in me had to grab LV’s makeup bag and set this photo up… it was too cute not to! 😉
livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-review-austin-skyline-viewlivvyland-blog-olivia-watson-vandi-fair-w-hotel-atx-staycation-stay-cation-austin-texas-fashion-travel-blogger-hotel-review-austin-skyline-view-2That’s a wrap! This was our view from the room (…aside from the lovely rooftop directly in front haha 😉 ), but if you look past you’ll see Auditorium Shores, South 1st Street and the beautiful Lady Bird Lake. It was quite a sight to see from our room as we opened our curtains and watched the sun rise and set each day!

It was so nice to see Lauren and spend some quality time relaxing, dining and overall just enjoying the hotel and downtown Austin together! I’ve never done a stay-cation that lasted more than a day, so two nights and three days gave us enough time to explore the hotel and surrounding area, which was pretty cool to do in my own city! I loooove 2nd Street district for shopping, eating, drinking and people watching, so it was really pleasant to walk right out of the hotel and onto 2nd Street to do just that. 🙂

A special thank you to W Austin for having us!

If you liked my outfits/looks during this trip, I’ve linked them below! Hope y’all are having a marvelous week!! XO


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