20 Trendy Shoes For Spring

Hi there, ladies – hope you had a great weekend! The past couple of days were jam packed (but very good!) on my end…! I had a big event in Dallas (a day of activities and brunch sponsored by Who What Wear, Palm Breeze and My Domaine) that I co-hosted with Ashley from Sugar and Cloth yesterday…Y’all…she is SO fabulous!! It was so refreshing to meet such a down to earth and humble – and very successful – blogger (honestly, that’s a rarity these days it seems – thus, it was seriously wonderful and made the day extremely enjoyable and a lot of fun). Her boyfriend Jeremy is her photographer and equally as nice and funny, that duo is crazy talented and just overall a really cool couple. We all just hit it off upon meeting, it was so much fun! My mom made the drive from Austin to Dallas with me (aren’t mom’s the best? Always so thoughtful!!) and we left at 5am to get to the event with enough time for me to spend about 20 minutes in a gas station restroom (hey, gotta work with what you can while road tripping!) on the way there to do my hair/makeup – ha! Always keepin’ it classy over here! 😉 We showed up with a few minutes to spare and then everything just fell into place and worked out beautifully for the event, it was a lovely time and I am so grateful to have met everyone who came out for the day to enjoy it! Right after we wrapped up, my mom and I were back on the road to Austin…seriously, she is a GEM for being so involved in my blogging life (…and volunteering to wake up at 4am just to drive with me…), I adore her like crazy and appreciate her company so much!

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Anyways, I am glad to cross that much anticipated event off my agenda (I knew I’d have to do some public speaking, so it had been weighing on me for a while!) and get back to my usual blogging routine (sorry for my lack of posts last week, my schedule has not let up!!) – hence, I was excited to have some time today to blog about a subject I am very passionate about… SPRING SHOES! 😉

As y’all know, I am a big fan of shoes and really do my best to scoop up at least one pair of the latest trending shoes (…although, if I reaaaally like a certain style, I will totally buy the same ones in more than one color, eek!), so I thought now would be a great time to round up my favorite trending shoes of the season. Being the budget-friendly gal that I am, I picked out brands I really adore at affordable price points, so I hope you find a pair that fits not only your style but your price range, too!

First up, lace up heels: I am LOVING this updated take on classic pumps, I think it’s such a flirty and dynamic update to a timeless style. Definitely fun with dresses for spring and into summer! Ps. If you’re attending events such as weddings, showers, or engagement shindigs (I don’t know about you, but it seems like that’s the stage of life I am walking into at the moment!), then having a pair of gorgeous lace-up heels is a definite must-have!

Cage heels: Truly, I could not love this trend any more!! These shoes are SO flattering and look amazing with jeans, skirts, dresses and even shorts – I am 100% on this shoe bandwagon! I have the third shoes from the left (these taupe cuties, they’re finally back in stock – woo!) and I wear them ALL the time, they make my legs look amazing and really add a fashion forward touch to my outfits. Not to mention, the majority of the shoes I featured in this category are under $100, so you really can’t say no to that, ha! 😉

Peep toe booties: Do these look familiar? Mhmm, yes…I am SO guilty of wearing this style perhaps a little too often…oops! I have the last pair on this row (these booties) in both the black and taupe color because I couldn’t get enough! Excessive? Perhaps…but when they’re under $100, made by Toms (which means they’re going to be really comfy – and they are!) and are pretty darn sexy and classy at the same time, you kind of just need to add both to your online shopping cart and not feel an ounce of guilt, haha! Whether you go with the pair I have or choose another from this list, I promise you will love styling these with skinny jeans and a relaxed v-neck tee or a flowy shift dress – and I assure you’ll get a ton of compliments on them…I always do!

Ankle booties: ohh muhh gaww, in LOVE with ankle booties…they are the best investment and can be worn every season! Pair with jeans in the winter and fall, wear with dresses in the spring and with cutoff denim shorts in the summer – voila, $100+ very well spent! I own these taupe booties and they are my favorites…the color goes with everything and the zipper/slit detailing makes them very unique, plus the leather is super soft, I highly recommend!! They fit TTS. Next on my list of ankle bootie must-haves is a black pair, I always gravitate towards taupe or cognac, so I’ve been trying to step up my black shoe game..! One step at a time… 😉 (…yes, terrible cheesy pun that I just couldn’t resist..)

Do you have a pair of spring shoes that you swear by? I’d love to know!! Feel free to leave a comment below, I always love getting product referrals, makes me trust in the online shopping buying process even more!

Alright ladies, that’s a wrap! I have a fun collaboration headed your way tomorrow featuring the cutest little dress that would be perfect for a warm weather wedding – so be sure to check back midday tomorrow. 🙂 Have a lovely start to your week! XO

LACE-UP HEELS: 1 2 3 4 5

 CAGE HEELS: 1 2 3 4 5

 PEEP TOE BOOTIES: 1 2 3 4 5  

ANKLE BOOTIES: 1 2 3 4 5


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