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Silver Jeans Co. Spring ’16 Campaign Launch – Behind The Scenes!

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-silver-jeans-co-laguna-beach-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-denim-under-100-best-3-mustang-convertible-1968-baby-blue-muscle-car-pchSoo, in mid-November just a few months back, I had the absolute pleasure of working with an amazing company called Silver Jeans Co. (you’ve likely seen their adorable jeans and other denim goods at Macy’s or Dillard’s) and they flew me out Laguna Beach (where they have a U.S. office, but they’re headquartered in Canada) to be a part of their spring ’16 social media campaign. (Yes, definitely a major highlight of my blogger career!)…and it was a total whirlwind of non-stop video & photo shoots for 3 days straight (which you likely saw on Snapchat if you followed me then)…and I am SO excited to see all of this hard work come to life! My mom was my +1 for the trip and they treated her like gold, too…always a major win in my book when MamaWat gets the princess treatment! 😉 We actually celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday while we were in Laguna and got to treat ourselves to some fine dining and a glass of vino overlooking the water at sunset… aka, the whole experience was magical and such a wonderful trip overall! Side note: if you’re on the hunt for a low-key, stunning, beachfront place to visit, I highly recommend Laguna Beach…if I had a billion dollars (and could pack up my whole family with me) I would absolutely love to live there haha. Definitely a must-visit, in my opinion – it reminded me a lot of Santa Fe, NM with all of the art galleries and the “small city,” luxurious feel – but swap the mountains for the ocean. Needless to say, it’s a lovely and beautiful place.

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Instagram Roundup: February 6, 2016

inta-roundup-2Happy weekend, ladies! What are you up to this Saturday? I am up early opening the mail from this past week (lots of packages filled with spring goodies for the blog!) and doing my best to organize our life (ya know, do the dishes…get the laundry going…all that fun, glamorous stuff 😉 Blake pulled an all nighter for work on Thursday night for a big project, so he’s sleeping like a bebe in the next room haha) before my mom and sister get here to scoop me up and head out to our wedding venue! They’ve never seen it (y’all…it’s insanity, basically an Italian villa in the middle of Austin, follow me on Snapchat to see it all today! Username: livvylandblog) and I am SO EXCITED for them to walk the grounds and just soak in the beauty of it all…eek, they’re gonna fall in love!

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Light Knit Cowl Neck Sweater


Is it just me or is this knit cowl neck sweater the cutest thing ever?! I am in love with the angled cut at the bottom (which you’ll get a very good idea of because it was just an extremely windy day in Austin when I shot this look, ha!), especially when paired with distressed skinny jeans and a big ‘ol tote bag (that most definitely had my laptop and half my closet inside during this shoot haha…needless to say, this thing comes in handy and looks adorable!).

So this sweater… the knit is actually a lot lighter than a “chunky knit” so it’s a perfect winter to spring transition piece. It’s super cute when layered with a utility jacket and scarf, too, in case you don’t live in Austin and it’s not 75 degrees yet 😉 . This sweater comes in 3 color options and is just $42 – I’m wearing a medium for size reference. Loving the cream color with olive green stripe details (olive green may just be one of my favorite’s so subtle yet such a gorgeous neutral!). Seriously, in love with this pretty cowl neck sweater!!

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Color Mixing: Cognac & Black

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-blogger-tory-burch-britten-crossbody-bag-black-logo-far-fetch-madewell-tan-loafers-8Good evening gals! I am super excited to partner up with FarFetch today on LL and style this adorable Tory Burch bag (that, as you can see, I am keeping extra close to me, ha! In LOVE with this pretty handbag!). If you follow me on Snapchat, you’ll know I totally geeked out when this handbag showed up on my doorstep…true story: after I signed for it at the door, I actually did a happy dance. Needless to say, Blake things I’m a nut – ha! 😉

If you haven’t checked out the abundance of gorgeous designer goods on, then definitely grab yourself a glass of wine and enjoy perusing their website…seriously…the Tory Burch selection is pretty incredible. Ps. This is my first “Tory” item…needless to say I am a very happy girl when I wear this thing around town! This one is the “Britten Crossbody” handbag and it’s the perfect size for going out or hitting up a coffeehouse with a friend (…or with your pops, like I definitely did when we snapped these pics, ha. Coffee, a good outfit & father/daughter bonding time FTW! 😉 ).

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