Pretty Bed End Ideas

bed-end-5I just read the Apartment Therapy article “13 Ways to Rethink the Foot of the Bed” and couldn’t resist following suit with a post of my own. Blake and I are currently in an apartment where our room doesn’t exactly allow for anything at the foot of the bed…(I may have to jump over whatever we put there just to get to my side!), but this post really gave me some good food for thought as we scope out our next living situation in the upcoming months.

bed-end-2bed-end-6bed-end-7bed-end8I remember my mom and grandmother each had a really lovely chaise at the foot of their beds and I loved that classic look. Plus, it gave me a place to sit as a kiddo! I’m more keen on the idea of a narrow bench or something of that sort – I am constantly throwing things on the ground and it would be better to place them on something…even if it does prolong the mess! (Hey, at least they’re off the floor, right?). Either way, depending on your style (bright and bold or dainty and decorative, or whatever else suits you best), I hope you get inspired by these fun bed end ideas!

**images: lucy call, cara’s bedroom, ashe & leandro, home life, style me pretty, chantelaine

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